May 17

Apple has recently releases iTunes Connect Developer Guide 5.5 (Download the 146 pages PDF File Here). You can read how to get your app ready for the Game Center, Which requirements your iPad screenshots and icons should meet and more.

  • iPad screenshots, icon and delivery requirements as well as details on a new status called Missing Screenshot;
  • Details on how to enable your app for Game Center and set up your Leaderboard to test using iPhone SDK 4 beta;
  • Interval pricing details to help you learn how to schedule price tier changes in advance for your apps and in app purchases;
  • Information on the Over the Air download limit;
  • Recommended app name character count for optimal display on desktop and device App Stores.

Source [iPhone Developer News]

Sep 26

att-mms-logo1MMS finally arrived. The multimedia messaging functionality has been enabled for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, Friday afternoon. To activate MMS, you need firmware 3.1 and a carrier settings update from iTunes. Follow the following steps: » MMS Finally Arrived + Guide

Mar 05

michelinThe most famous of all gastronomic guides is now at your fingertips. With multi-criteria search options you can now choose from almost 32,000 restaurant listings. From the smallest neighborhood eateries through to the most renowned Michelin-starred restaurants…all featured in the 2009 MICHELIN guide !
» App Store – 2009 Michelin Guide

Nov 13

Bumps is a fun way to learn braille, the reading system for the blind. It is ideal for parents, instructors, Boy Scouts, or anyone wanting to learn the Braille dot patterns. Homemade braille can be made with drops of glue left to dry.
» App Store – Bumps (Braille Guide)

Oct 03

SoccerGuide is an application that is coming to the jailbroken iPhone community via Cydia. The appliction itself is going to be a soccer guide. More info and screenshots inside. » SoccerGuide – Cydia Preview

Apr 27

Yesterday evening i was playing around with Customize v2.0. I was installing and applying theme’s, sound sets, icon’s and so on.. Then i went into the preferences options of SMB in Customize and i disabled SMB .. My iPhone asked to be rebooted and tata i had the SPOD (spinning wheel of death).
No matter what i tried, i just couldn’t get back into my springboard.. After searching my iPhone filesystem for a solution, i finally gave up and restored it.
This time i used iLiberty+ and i must say that this unlocking app is really the best that i’ve used so far.
» iPhone unlocking + jailbreak the beginnners guide.

Mar 26

Geopedia must be one of the coolest programs i have installed onto my iPhone.

Imagine walking around in a place you don’t know very well. (eg Bruges in my ex).

You start your iPhone (enable wi-fi or EDGE), launch GeoPedia, and suddenly have all information of that area on your iPhone.
Well this little app does this for you.

I’ll explain with screenshots.
» Geopedia (get geobased wikipedia information)