May 05

This is a tutorial not for the faint at heart.
I’m going to show you step by step how to get the firmware version 2.0 5A240d onto your iPhone with WinPwn.

Let me start by explaining what pwning is. Pwning is making your iPhone totally independence from Apple’s vision on what the iPhone (and iPod Touch) can and cannot do. Currently it will allow you to restore to a jailbroken and unlocked state, and if you can figure it out – some extra cool stuff like Installer, Cydia, and other applications. You will eventually be able to backup your entire phone and restore to a state exactly the way you like it, restore straight to jailbroken state with installer, or even potentially install other OSes like linux (see to your phone.

Ok back to the tutorial
» How to get iphone firmware 2.0 running with WinPwn

Apr 30

Hmm I just received this video via mail from a reader.
Honestly, this doesn’t feel good at all. I was a user of windows mobile for quite some years but although the iPhone has it’s minor downsides, i could never go back to Windows Mobile.
Flick Software Research is going to release a new product for windows mobile that will turn your winmo into a full fledged iPhone os X gui. The app is going to support pinching and simulates multi-touch.
Video after the break.
» iswish .. Iphone UI on windows mobile devices

Apr 30

I know that some of you guys where waiting for this one. The review is going to be sooo big.
That’s why i decided to make it a multiple post review.

I do have some remarks. The iPhone Pc suite is very nice, but sometimes it’s still buggy. Install it at your own risk.
Ok let’s start. What can it do for us Windows users?
A lot !!!!
Let’s first start with downloading the app from here or here .

Ready ?
» iPhone pc Suite Monster Review Pt1

Apr 21

BossPrefs 1.67 just appeared into my installer.

The developers are releasing updates almost every day, i’ve just written a couple of reviews .. see here and here.

so what are the new options the app brings us ..
» Bossprefss 1.67 and 1.66 updates

Apr 20

This is breaking news again..

ZodTTD has released gameboy4iphone 1.1.0 to his beta-testers.

One of the highlights of this release is the Much better sound quality.

Here’s the changelog:

Changes 1.1.0:
– Fixed performance decreases when scaled on is set. Turning scaling off decreases performance due to hardware scaling usage. Gameplay should be faster than before.
» gameboy4iphone update to v1.1.0 !

Apr 17

Bossprefs has been releasing new updates almost on a daily basis.

I just reviewed the 1.63 some days ago (review here), and yesterday they released 1.64 and today 1.65.

I won’t go much into detail for this one, but i will tell you what’s new.
» BossPrefs 1.65

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