Jun 11

The new sdk agreements seem to have a new annex that prohibits developers making any real-time guidance software! This basically means that we will not see a TomTom software any time soon.. Or maybe Apple already has a partnership with TomTom, it does sound a little bit strange that our new devices will not have any sort of turn-by-turn guided GPS .. If that’s really the case.. we will always have the Installer.
» No route guidance possible on the new iPhone firmware ? (no tomtom)

Jun 10

Reuters is reporting that Dutch navigation device maker TomTom already has a version of its navigation software running on Apple’s iPhone and has plans to sell it to consumers. The announcement came briefly afther Apple’s WWDC2008 keynote.
» TomTom already running on the iPhone 3G ?

Jun 01

As it’s still a big question if the next iPhone will have GPS out of the box, iGpsd developed a solution for our current first gen iPhones. They already had a working version based upon the Holux M1000, which you can order from there website for about 100$. The downside on this version is that it’s a bit bulky and doesn’t integrate very well next to the iPhone. Today they released a movie of more slimmed down working version.
» Working GPS module from the iGpsd team

May 31

We’ve been following every rumor out there about the new 3G iPhone.

Now we seem to have some more confirmation on the rumor that the new 3g phone will have a Global Positioning System (GPS). GigaOM is trying to grab the rumor by it’s tail for they have made an interesting discovery. » More rumors of GPS on the 3G Iphone

May 22

I we believe our friends from AppleInsider the new iPhone will have built in GPS.

The reason why they know that it by new screen shots that have appeared. In these screen shots, the map’s application and the Camera ask the user for permission to add the Geobased tagging.

Geobased tagging is the process of adding location information to your pictures.

These new screenshots are supposedly from the new firmware 5A292g that has been released to some enterprise partners.
» iPhone 3G includes GPS (confirmed ? )

May 19

If you haven’t heared it already today, some new pictures popped up of the iPhone 3G.
This time it are renderings from Exo the iPhone case maker.
The renderings show us the iPhone looking the same except for the fact that it has been rounded!
To me this makes perfect sense. If the iPhone 3G will support all those new nifty features like 3G, GPS, bigger memory and who knows what else, the casing has to be bigger, and that’s exactly what these pics proof.
» 3G iPhone looks almost the same?

May 14

Maps offline got an update to version 0.50 today.
I won’t be showing you guys all the screenshots as i have made some before.
What i can tell you is that the latest version let’s you search a saved map.
This is a great new feature from the guys of Nambrot and according to there site, a lot more features are coming.
» Maps Offline 0.50 let’s you search your map offline

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