Jul 26

According to a new article. Apple is working on copy&paste in firmware 2.1. Some developers got the firmware 2.1 beta in their hands and found a reference in the Localizable.Strings for copying, cutting and pasting. The features are currently not implemented but are in high demand of most iPhone and iPod Touch users. Apple previously informed us that copy & paste was a feature that had low priority.
» Apple working on copy & paste in fm 2.1?

Jul 23

Some users have been reporting that their A-GPS doesn’t always work. The forums of Apple are steadily increasing with complaints regarding the non-functioning of the iPhone 3G GPS. Some users have been testing and came to the following conclusions:
» Tip : iPhone 3G GPS problems? Kill 3G

Jul 15

Apple product head Greg Joswiak responded questions regarding the iPhone firmware 2.0. The first question that everybody wants to have answered is ‘Why isn’t there cut and paste?’ Apple has a priority list of features, and they got as far as they could down that list with this model, Joswiak answered. In other words, they don’t have anything against cut and paste. They just judged other things to be more important.
» Apple product head responds to questions (copy&paste, GPS, Office)

Jul 13

I’ve read some reports that the iPhone 3G GPS isn’t really a good function. But as this AT&T video demonstrates, the GPS function does really work nicely according to my standards. I personally can’t wait to get my own iPhone 3G (please donate :) lol) and get the TeleNav sofware. Check the vid after the break.
» iPhone 3G GPS road test (video)

Jul 08

PosiMotion is planning a suite of applications for the iPhone to assist in everything from navigation to a social network for iPhone users.Its flagship product, hilariously named G-Spot (ask your parents), features a compass and tool to determine your latitude and longitude using the iPhone 3G’s built-in GPS antenna. According to the press release, you will be able to find G-Spot at the App Store on July 11 “for an affordable $1.99.”
» App Store – Posimotion releasing multiple GPS products

Jun 19

Navizon received an update to version 2.0.6 today. Navizon let’s you locate your buddies anytime. There’s 1 new really big feature. The app has now a feature to locate your iPhone. This can be very handy if you lost it or if someone stole it. To activate this feature go to the settings and enable the Locate-By-SMS function. Enter your chosen keyword and your device is set. When you now send a sms to your iPhone with the chosen keyword, Navizon will send back the coordinates of your phone to the senders number.
» Navizon 2.0.6 – Let’s you recover your stolen iPhone

Jun 11

The blog page of the XGPS project has announced that their GPS hardware is ready. The hardware they are using is a Sirf III 20 channels GPS module from USBLOBALSAT and the PIC18F25J10 chip. According to the developers it’s working perfectly and best of all, it hardly uses any power from your iPhone or iPod GPS.
» XGPS iPhone hardware finalized. Finally GPS for the First gen iPhone

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