Oct 15

We already wrote a article about the app store application Geocaching. De applicatie has now been released into the App Store. GroundSpeak’s Geocaching will give you real-time access to the online database of geocaching.com.
» App Store – Geocaching.com released Geocaching

Oct 05

The web administrator from the website geocaching.com submitted the first geocaching application for the iPhone to Apple. Depending on how quickly they get around to reviewing the application, we should see it in the App Store within two weeks. The cost of the application is $9.99 and has the functionality you need to look up and seek out caches using the networking and location-based features of the iPhone 3G. It also works with the iPod Touch and First Generation iPhone, though you will need WiFi for the Touch, and the compass won’t work on the first generation iPhone (naturally).
» App Store – Geocaching

Sep 12

The time has finally come. iPhone firmware version 2.1 has finally been released and features many bug fixes. Although, it does not contain advanced GPS features or Copy and Paste, which was one of the two most wanted items in this update. I also haven’t heard of the push notification server being opened in this firmware update. » iPhone 2.1 finally released

Sep 09

iMarkMySpot uses the built in GPS functionality of the Apple iPhone to store exact waypoint locations, after which they can be emailed to any address as a standard GPX-formatted file, compatible with many photography and mapping software packages. Using the time stamps from the photos and the time stamp of the stored waypoints, digital photos are then easily Geocoded and Geotagged.

» App Store – iMarkMySpot

Sep 07

A new image has been circulating on the net which shows the iPod Touch 2G. Besides the earlier rumors of having a GPS, the purposed new device would include a 2MP camera, 3 side buttons for music player functions a removable battery and a aluminium back. This new image is most probably a big fake as the source is not really trustworthy. But here’s the image:
» Rumors – iPod Touch 2G

Sep 02

For the people who are new i’ll briefly explain. xGps is the navigation software that works together with the xGps module that has been released for the iPhone 2G. Check my old post regarding this here.
» Cydia – xGps and xGps Util 1.0.0-1 available

Aug 26

Following the previous rumors about a new iPod Nano and new Ipod Touch with GPS, there’s a new rumor being reported on the bigger sites like MacRumors and Gizmodo. This rumor announces a Apple event on the 9th of September. This hasn’t been confirmed by Apple but as there are more and more pictures surfacing about the new iPod Nano, this could be true.
» Apple Event 9 September

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