Feb 03

tasks3 Tasks lets you manage your to-do list while you’re on the go. You can create lists of things you need to get done and check off tasks as they’re completed. Just go to http://gmail.com/tasks in your phone’s web browser to access Tasks.
» Google Tasks list on your iPhone

Oct 25

Recently, Apple seeded the second beta release of the upcoming 2.2 iPhone firmware; however, this time, the release included the Google Street View that had been rumored to be included before this. Screenshot inside. » iPhone firmware 2.2 Beta 2 includes Google Street View

Oct 23

Cooliris, Inc. has released Cooliris, a free application in the App Store, that allows you to view image search results from engines such as Flickr, Google, and Yahoo! in a 3D “wall.” The images are displayed along a wall, and you can pinch to zoom and even email photos. » App Store – Cooliris

Oct 02

Yup you saw it right, Chrome is coming to the iPhone. For some this is a cry of joy and for others they could care less. I know that at the initial release of Chrome for Windows I thought it was horrible but i have since found it to be very useful. » Google Chrome coming to iPhone

Sep 23

Most of us love the google maps application on our iPhones. However many of you have commented that the radius circle of the my location feature doesn’t work very accurate. The radius circle in my hometown shows about the full town and not the circle where i approximately live. Google was aware of this issue and they have appareantly made it more accurate. The update should be working for the iPhone 3G (gps based) and 2G (cell tower triangulation). The full story can be read after the break.
» Google updates my location service

Aug 13

Google has been making all of their popular web-apps compatible with the iPhone. Let’s just think about google docs, google mail, etc.. The newest member of the iPhone compatible club is Google Translate. It’s not yet possible to translate full web-pages from within the web application. But if you quickly need to translate something then google translate is what you need.
» Google Translate now iPhone compatible.

Aug 11

Google Docs is one of those web application that I personally use a lot. Only 1 downside. You need to be connected to the internet to view and or edit them. MiGhtyDocs solves this problem. It syncs your documents to your iPhone for later offline viewing. This way you can always cary the latest version of your documents with you.
» App Store – MiGhtyDocs (offline google docs utility)

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