Jun 26

google-duivelWe all know Apple can be a pain in the ass when we are talking about app approval and removal. But they are not the only one anymore, Google joined the group. Normally when Apple removes a App from the App Store people can still use it if you already installed the app on your iDevice, Google went a little further by not only removing it from the store but also remotely removing the App from the Android phones itself. » Google Remotely Kills Android Apps On Android Phones

Jun 16

Earth 2

Google just released Google Earth 3.0 which is full iPad compatible. It got full-resolution imagery and they added a road layer to the iPhone 3GS and iPad. Navigation and tilt are easier to use than on the iPhone and of course it is looking much better on the large iPad screen. Google Earth 3.0 is available for free for the iPad, iPhone and iPod. » Google Earth 3.0 On The iPad

Oct 28

google-maps-navigation-iphone-250x148Forbes claims Google is developing a navigation system for mobile phones, and that includes the iPhone. It will work with Google Maps, an app present on the iPhone since its launch. The system will offer routes and turn-by-turn navigation. The latter is a frequently asked feature says Carolyn Penner, spokesperson of Google. » Google Planning To Come With Free Turn-By-Turn Application?

Sep 23

gmail-push1Google today announced that it has expanded its Google Sync service to include push e-mail for the iPhone and iPod touch, as well as Windows Mobile devices. Google Sync, launched earlier this year, also provides synchronization of contacts and calendar entries. » Google Announced Push E-mail

Aug 01

The Wall Street Journal Reports (subscription required) that the U.S. Federal Communications Commission has opened an inquiry into Apple’s rejection of an official Google Voice application for the iPhone as well as the removal of numerous third-party applications offering Google Voice functionality. In particular, the FCC is interested in AT&T’s role in the decision-making process. » Google Voice iPhone Application Investigation

Jun 27

youtube_logoGoogle has announced that the daily YouTube upload have increased with 400%. That’s an amazing achievement. The increasing upload rate is mainly due to the arrival of iPhone 3GS. The video recording and editing capabilities are very easy to use and that makes it easy to post YouTube videos directly from the iPhone. » iPhone 3GS Causes Youtube To Grow 400%

Mar 15
img_0001Google this week has just updated its Google Image Search interface for Safari on the iPhone. It’s finally starting to shape up as a rugged web app now. The

main interface sees changes to the labeling of the images: gone are the long, useless original URLs and image titles. Now, all that’s left are the plain pictures themselves, smartly tiled to fill the iPhone’s small yet seemingly spacious display.
» Google Updates iPhone Image Searching

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