Sep 27

A lot of iOS 6 users are not happy with Apple’s new Maps App and are waiting for Google to release their Google Maps app in the App Store, but since it still can take a couple of months before they will submit their Google Maps app to the App Store, people are simply using Google Maps as a web app. David Pogue from The New York Times mentions: While bemoaning some navigation related mishaps in the new app, Street View imagery will be accessible via the Google Maps web app “in two weeks.” » Google Maps Street View: Available Via Mobile Safari In Two Weeks

Sep 27

Multiple reports claim that Google has been working on a replacement standalone Maps app for iOS to replace the bundled app included with every version of iOS until last week’s release of iOS 6, The New York Times claims that Google is hoping to have it available in “another couple months or so”.

Macrumors wrote: Apple and Google still have over a year left on their contract for Google to provide Maps for iOS, and thus Google was caught off guard when Apple announced in June that it would be replacing Google’s solution with its own Maps app for iOS 6. As a result, Google still needs several more months to complete work on a standalone offering to be submitted to Apple for inclusion in the App Store.

 A second reason for taking “another couple months or so” is because Google would likely prefer to release a maps app that includes 3-D imagery such as the 3-D images in Google Earth, it would take some time to combine the two. » Google Working On Maps App For iOS, But Complicated by Integration With Google Earth

Sep 25

Reuters report: “Google Inc has made no move to provide Google Maps for the iPhone 5 after Apple Inc dropped the application in favor of a home-grown but controversial alternative, Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said.” Apple launched its own mapping service earlier this month, but users are complaining about Apple’s new map service and would love to see Google Maps back on their iPhone. Earlier reports said that Google has submitted a Google Maps app to the App Store but Google now said to reporters in Tokyo that they didn’t. » Google Said: Google Maps Not Yet Submitted To The App Store

Sep 23

Apple has been taking a lot of heat regarding its new Maps application, which replaced Google Maps. Inaccuracies and missing features in the app have spawned a parody Tumblr and Twitter account, in addition to quite the uproar in the tech world. AndroidCentral noted that Motorola is the first to capitalize on the criticism, by creating an “iLost” ad (shown above). Their new advertisement just popped up on their Motorola’s Google+ page that shows the iPhone 5 and Motorola’s new Droid RAZR M both with their Maps app loaded. » Motorola “iLost” Ad: Wants To Prevent iOS 6 Maps Users To Becoming “iLost”

Sep 08

Last year, U.S. tech company advertisers continued to increase ad and promo spending so much so that Google, Amazon and Apple are listed among the six companies with the highest ad-spending growth rates. Check out the infographic after the break to see how much money big companies such as Apple spend for advertising. » Tech Company Ad Spends [infographic]

Aug 08

In the latest version of the Google Search App for iOS and Android, not only can you say your question out loud, but your search app can speak your answer right back to you. And, using Google’s Knowledge Graph, your search app gives you smarter answers loud and clear. » Introducing Enhanced Voice Search On The Google Search App

Jul 26

Google has just updated their Google Earth app for iOS with 3D imagery. With new 3D imagery, you can now fly through complete 3D recreations of select cities, including San Francisco, Boston, Rome, and others. With every building modeled in 3D, you truly get a sense of flying above the city. 3D imagery is available on iPhone 4S and iPad 2 or later. » Google Earth For iOS Updated With 3D Imagery & Tour Guide

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