Mar 22

Folowing the last rumors “Samsung confirmed” that Apple and Samsung both are working on a Smart Watch, The Financial Times now reports that Google is also working on a smart watch that will run Android. The report unsurprisingly suggests that Google views the smart watch as a more mainstream wearable accessory than the Google Glass project that has garnered significant attention in recent months. » Google Also Working On A Android Powered Smart Watch

Mar 13

It looks like Google Now, an Android-only app that aims to provide users with “the right information, at just the right time”, is coming to iOS. A leaked promotional video on YouTube “that has been removed again” but not before an Engadget tipster snatched a copy of it shows Google Now for the iPhone and iPad. » “Google Now” For iPhone and iPad Promotional Video Leaks on YouTube

Feb 24

Google Glass is a tiny computer that mounts to an eyeglass frame and has a small display that is visible only to the user. It includes a built-in camera, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to give you driving directions, send text messages, showing weather reports and more. It is not available yet, but Joshua Topolsky already experienced using Google Glass and wrote a long article about his experience on The Verge. Google Glass is expected to be released in 2013 for a “high” price of $1500. » Google Glass: New On-Face Computer

Feb 22

Google has just announced the Chromebook Pixel, Chrome OS-based notebook with touchscreen to give “people the best web experience”. The 12.85-inch touch display has the highest pixel density (239 pixels per inch) of any laptop screen on the market today, Packing a total of 4.3 million pixels. It got 32 or 64GB SSD storage, dual core 1.8GHz Intel i5 processor, two USB 2.0 ports, a Mini Display Port connector, SD-card reader and more. » Google Introduces The Chromebook Pixel

Dec 22

The Wall Street Journal reports that Google is working on a new phone, via its newly acquired Motorola Mobility and will be released next year. The phone “codenamed X Phone” is designed to compete more strongly with the iPhone, and Samsung’s Galaxy line, than Motorola’s current lineup. The project is being led by former Google product manager Lior Ron and includes possible features such as bendable screens, ceramics, image and gesture-recognition software. » Google Working On New “X Phone” To Compete With Apple & Samsung

Dec 20

Google has just updated its Google Play music service that allows you to add up to 20,000 songs from your music collection to Google Play and stream it to your Android devices and your computer, anywhere you go. This is a service similar to Apple’s iTunes Match service. The big difference is that Google’s matching service does not have a subscription fee like Apple and Amazon’s do. » Google Launches Free Scan & Match Music Service Similar To Apple’s iTunes Match Service

Dec 16

Bad news for Gmail users on iOS. Google has just announced that it will be ditching support for the Exchange ActiveSync protocol next month. Exchange ActiveSync is a XML-based protocol, developed by Microsoft, that allows the synchronization of email, calendar, contacts, and other data between servers and mobile devices and is the easiest way to sync your Gmail account with your iPhone. Google announced on their blog that this service will be removed on January 30th next year. » Google Will No Longer Support Exchange ActiveSync For Gmail Next Month

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