Jul 03

I found the following press release on the Google Talk blog. We’ve just released in the US a new version of Google Talk designed specifically for the iPhone and iPod Touch browsers. In addition to sending your friends Gmail messages from your iPhone, you can now chat with them while you’re on the move, too! In your iPhone browser, just go to www.google.com/talk, sign in and start chatting. That’s it.
» Google Talk for the iPhone

May 28

I found a new program in development during my daily internet searches.
It’s called XGps, and the website reveals the app as a Open GPS hardware and software solution for iPhone and iPod touch.
For the moment there’s only 1 screenshot and some very little information on the webiste.
I will keep watching this and will report back to you when there’s more information.

One thing that bothers me though is the fact that the latest update is from late april.. only one month ago..
» Xgps will bring GPS to our iPhone and iPod touch?

May 23

First of all, sorry for not being able to post as much as other days, i have been very busy  … but i will bring you all up to speed in no time.
The first one we will review is feeds.
Feeds is feeds reader that uses the google reader infrastructure. So if you are using google reader to stay updated on all of the latest iPhone news via iPhoneFreakz, all you have to do to get this working is to enter your username and password of Google.
» Feeds 0.4.1

May 21

UK largest review network comes to the iPhone. There are addresses, phone numbers, photos, and google-maps to show. Browse through 6000 towns and 500 categories or search to pinpoint in your google-maps to the place you’re looking for in seconds.

The most well reviewed places are always on top so you know where the best spots are. Works seamlessly with Google maps so you’ll never get lost.
» iQype: Community city guide

May 21

Vic Gundotra, Google’s vice president of engineering stated that:

When Apple ships its iPhone 2.0 update–and the accompanying App Store for distributing third-party software for the phone–you won’t have to wait too long for native iPhone apps built by Google programmers. “We expect to have applications at Day One.”

When we think of the app’s currently included on the iPhone and iPod touch, there’s no doubt that most of them are already Google powered.
» Google Apps ready for launch of the AppStore

May 20

And another update today.
this time we have NemuSync, the app that lets you sync your iPhone calendar with Google Calendar.
What changed in the new version?
* Support One way sync : Can Upload/Download only
* support firmware 1.1.1/1.1.2 : Testing and not confirmed yet
* fix AllDay Event bug : Testing and not confirmed yet
* fix quoted event title bug: [“:’]things : Testing and not confirmed yet
* Can select “NO Default Calendar”
» NemuSync 0.5.4b2

May 16

NemuSync is a new app that i found. It let’s you synch your iPhone or Ipod Touch calendar with the online Google Calendar.

The following features are already implemented and the developer is going to ad a whole lot more:

– sync iphone calendar with google calendar over the air.
– sync multiple google accounts
– sync multiple calendars
» Sync your iPhone calendar to Google calendar with NemuSync

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