Jul 17

Google has released a revamped version of its Maps app for iOS, adding support for the larger screen of the iPad, enhanced navigation features, and a new Explore feature. Google Maps 2.0 comes with live traffic updates and incident reports that offer details on current traffic conditions. It also offers indoor directions and maps for malls, airports, transit stations, and more. Unlike the Android version, it does not include on-the-fly rerouting,  but Google has said that it plans to add the feature in the future. » Redesigned Google Maps App with iPad Support & New Feature Available

May 07

Google has just updated their Gmail iOS app to add YouTube, Google Maps and Chrome links that go directly to the app instead of the mobile web, if installed. You can turn this off using the in-app settings. It also comes with added support for signing out of a single account instead of having to sign out of all accounts at once. » Gmail For iOS Updated With YouTube, Google Maps & Chrome Links

Mar 06

Google has just updated its Google Maps for iOS to version 1.1, marking the first update of the stand-alone version of Google Maps since the mid-December launch after Apple replaced Google with its own default mapping app in iOS 6. This update brings a view new features such as Google Contacts and Local Business Search. » Google Maps for iOS Receives First Update With Google Contacts Integration and Local Business Search

Dec 20

Google Maps has finally been released on December 12 and five days later, ad management platform MoPub noticed a 29 percent increase in unique iOS 6 users. The data from MoPub suggests that quite a few iDevice owners were waiting for a better mapping solution before upgrading to Apple’s newest operating system. MoPub data supports 12,000 apps and monitors 1 billion ad impressions daily. » iOS 6 Users Increased With 29% After Google Maps Hits App Store

Dec 16

The Google maps app for iOS is available in the App Store since a view days, Apple’s stock maps app still remains default. This means that everytime you click a maps link it will open Apple’s maps instead of Google’s. MapsOpener is a free jailbreak tweak that forces maps links to open up in Google Maps. » MapsOpener: Make Google Maps The Default Maps App On iOS [jailbreak]

Dec 13

A view days ago we wrote that the police of Australia issued a warning about Apple Maps to travelers, after several travelers became stranded in the Murray-Sunset National Park trying to reach the city of Mildura using Apple’s directions. Apple did fix the iOS 6 Maps error, but today CNET Australia posted some photos of a new Samsung Galaxy S III display on George Street in Sydney saying “Oops, should have got a Samsung Galaxy S III. Get navigation you can trust”. The ad is placed next to a mud-covered white SUV alongside some camping equipment. » Samsung Targets Apple Maps With New Ad Display In Australia

Oct 06

Just one week after Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote a letter, in which he promised that Apple “will keep working non-stop” until the iOS 6 Maps app meets customers’ standards for quality, users are starting to see improvements. MacRumors reports, it appears to be that a larger set of additions to the 3D content in the Apple Maps app has been added. » Apple’s Maps App Showing Signs Of Improvement

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