Oct 12

Brian Hogan
Some of us are wondering, what happened with the guys who found an iPhone 4 prototype and sold it to Gizmodo last year? Well CNET posted full details about what happend with them and what kind of punishment they received. “The men, who were accused of selling the device to gadget blog Gizmodo last year, were sentenced to one year of probation, 40 hours of public service, and a requirement that each pay $250 in restitution to Apple, San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe told CNET. Brian Hogan[right], the man who allegedly found the prototype in a bar, and Sage Wallower, who allegedly helped Hogan shop the device around to technology sites, were charged with misdemeanor theft in early August.» iPhone 4 Prototype Finders Get 1 Year Probation, 40 Hours Community Service & Owe Apple $500

Oct 03

Foxconn “the company that provides Apple parts” has opened a branch in Brazil some time ago, and the Brazilian brothers of Gizmodo sneaked inside to take some pictures of the upcoming iPhone that will be announced tomorrow. The pictures they took look very similar to the iPhone 4, but if you look closer you see a different model number, N90A. If this is the real deal it can indicate that this is a cheaper version of the iPhone 4, or Apple will announce the iPhone 4S instead of the iPhone 5. If Apple will announce the iPhone 4S it will be very disappointing, since we waited 1,5 year for the new iPhone. We will find out tomorrow. Check out the pictures after the break. » Cheaper iPhone 4 (N90A) Found In Brazil

Apr 24

iphone 4g prototype
The story about the iPhone Prototype in the hands of Gizmodo isn’t over yet. Apple has spoken to local police about the incident and has been passed to the crime task force led by the Santa Clara County district attorney’s office. Its not sure if Apple started this investigation agains Gizmodo, its source who reportedly found the iPhone in a bar, or both. But it could end up pretty bad for Gizmodo. Apple as well as Gizmodo didn’t comment on this story yet. » Police Investigating iPhone Prototype Incident

Dec 06

flowchart-iphone When you are with someone, when are you allowed to use your iPhone? The following FlowChart gives the answer. » FlowChart Shows When To Use iPhone

May 01

It seems that Apple is about to go nose-to-nose with Walmart in the playground. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the company is poised to announce a deal with a bunch of studios to sell new releases on iTunes the same day as the movies’ release on DVD.

The studios thought to have signed on Apple’s dotted line include Fox, Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros., Paramount, Universal, Sony Pictures, Lionsgate and New Line—all of whom have a rental deal with iTunes. Smaller houses, such as Magnolia and Image Entertainment are included, but MGM is out of the picture.
» iTunes to Carry Movies on DVD-Release Date