Dec 28

The next web reports that the daily download figures in the Apple App Store increased by 87 percent on Christmas Day 2012 and the daily revenues showed a slightly lower increase of 70 percent. Of course this has to do with the fact that people give a lot of iOS presents in the holidays. The iPad was a very popular gift, since iPad apps saw an increase in downloads of 140 percent. Also iTunes gift cards help increasing these numbers. » Apple App Store Downloads Jumped 87% On Christmas Day

Dec 26

12 Days Of Christmas
Every year Apple releases a app called 12 days of christmas. With this app you can download free music, TV episodes, movies, apps and books from some of the biggest stars on iTunes. Each free download will be available for 24 hours only (until midnight ET). Come back each day from 26 December till 6 January for a new gift! » 12 Days Of Christmas: Day 1, Coldplay Album