Sep 09

The iOS platform’s Game Center has more than 130 million users, according to Ars Technica. While there’s plenty of games on the app store to catch your interest, sometimes you don’t want to install additional apps to your iOS device. When you want to have fun without downloading another app, online arcades offer a viable alternative that gets you going with a variety of games. » iPhone Gaming Devotees: Head to an Online Arcade for a Change

Feb 02

The ultimate gaming accessory for your smartphone is now available for pre-order! The XAPPR gun is a gaming peripheral for smartphones. Connect your smartphone to the XAPPR and play various Augmented Reality and Shooting Games. Check out the XAPPR enabled games after the break. » The XAPPR Gun: A True Revolution In Smartphone Gaming

Jan 09

In Spring this year a new way of Arcade-style gaming on the iPad will be released. They call it the iCADE, it brings arcade gaming to life by integrating your iPad into an authentic, arcade-style cabinet complete with joystick and buttons. The iPad can connect with the iCADE via Bluetooth “this way you can play in normal mode or in landscape mode” and it will cost $99. » iCADE: New Way Of Arcade-style Gaming On The iPad!

Feb 19

tigerwoords09iphone31Craig the Community Manager for EA Mobile was up to it again. This time he posted new screenshots of the upcoming iPhone game Tiger Woods golf 2009. They are however still pre-release screenshots so many things can still be changed. But i personally like the way they are going with this. Hit the break to see them.
» App Store – Pre release screenshots Tiger Woods iPhone ’09

Nov 23

If we watch the Apple commercials regarding the iPod Touch 2nd gen 1 thing is very clear. Appme promotes the iPod touch as a gaming device! A new reason for this has appeared by the guys from Handheld Games Corp. To optimize their new game TouchSport Tennis they had to compile different versions for every device.
» 2nd Gen iPodTouch more performant than iPhone

Aug 27

Some time ago we informed you guys about a upcoming mod that will turn our iPhones/iPod Touches into real mobile gaming stations.. The iControlPad. Today i received another mail from the creators with a new picture and some news. The iControlPad will probably be priced below $30 and it will offer you a full gaming control pad for the iPhone and iPod Touch.
» iControlPad update

Jul 28

I informed you guys some time ago regarding the upcoming iControlPad Joystick solution for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The iControlPad is a hardware add-on that will make playing games via the popular emulators much more like playing with a PSP. The first batches are expexted to be released very soon. For now i have some nice screenshots of the final rendering and some pictures of the real deal.
» iControlPad update

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