Dec 30

crysis_on_iphone-250x140Six days ago we saw a demo about the Unreal 3 engine running on an iPhone, but Steve Perlman, CEO of the OnLive service, has shown a demo of the popular game Crysis running on an iPhone. This game requires high-end computers to run properly, so how can the game be working as smooth as possible on an iPhone? OnLive managed to get this game to work on the iPhone by using the gameservers of OnLive. » Demo Of Crysis On iPhone

Dec 29

2012dfmA new tower defense-like game showed up in the App Store. The game is called 2012 Defense and is set in 2012. It’s war. Men versus Machine. » “2012 Defense” Is Out!

Dec 29

fieldrunnersFieldrunners 1.3 is available now and includes a bunch of new stuff. The update contains the latest and greatest of OpenFeint integration and two new maps that can be purchased via $0,99 microtransactions.

» “Fieldrunners” Updates To Version 1.3

Dec 28

tap-tap-revenge-3It seems the free version of Tap Tap Revenge 3 is a huge success. During the first 24 hours the game was downloaded 300.000 times, Tapulous confirms. The success was so big that Tapulous even had to disable the online function because the servers couldn’t handle the stress. A few days ago Tapulous decided to sell their game for free. It was $0,99 before, but the success of the game was so big that the In-App Purchases were enough to keep earning big money.

» Free Version “Tap Tap Revenge 3” Huge Success

Dec 24


Tap Tap Revenge 3 is free as of today. Tapulous, the developer of the game, thinks they can earn money with In-App Purchases just as easily. You get more then 10 free tracks when you download the game. The rest can be purchased via In-App Purchases. » Tap Tap Revenge 3 From Now On FREE!

Dec 23


OstinGames is a game developer company. They recently released a new game in the App Store called Zepi. In this game it’s all about getting a highscore. It’s a very simple game and very easy to play and is recommended for people who like colorful games. » Quick Review: “Zepi”

Dec 23

unreal engine 3AnandTech got a sneak peek at an Unreal Engine 3 tech demo running on a 3rd generation iPod touch. Epic plans to make this engine available to existing licensees at some point in the future. This could mean a drastic change of the landscape of 3D games on the iPhone and iPod touch. » Sneak Peek At Unreal Engine 3 Running On iPod 3G And iPhone 3GS

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