Mar 20

Free games with ads need more power form the battery than games without ads. A new study by IT scientist, Abhinav Pathak, from Purdue University proofs this. At least 75% of the energy needs of an app are used for downloading ads and collecting user data.

» Battery drains faster with games and apps with ads

Mar 19

Just a couple of days ago we reported about Draw Something being downloaded 20 million times. It seems the success of the highly popular game has no end. Just one week after it reached the 20 million, it has grown to 30 million downloads. » Draw Something downloaded 30 million times

Mar 17

The new iPad’s biggest new feature is ofcourse the Retina Display. With a resolution of 2048 x 1536 the screen of the iPad is truly remarkable. And you want to take full advantage of it ofcourse. With a new iPad there’s also a list of new games. Or in this case a list of games that have been transformed into retina quality games. Ranging from Infinity Blade 2 to Tractor Beam, take a look at the list below displaying 18 retina ready game.

» List of retina ready iPad games

Mar 16

Remember the keynote on March 7? You probably do. Then you will also remember there were two demos of two games. One is the new part in the Infinity Blade universe: Infinity Blade Dungeons. The other is called Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy. The latter has just been released in the App Store. Grab your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and press the buy button to start downloading this impressive game.

Video and full synopsis after the break.

» Keynote featured Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy now in the App Store

Mar 15

Chaos Rings II is available for download in the App Store today. This second part of the roleplaying games series continues the story of part 1. The game is developed by the world famous Square Enix studio, who got their fame from the Final Fantasy series. This new part had a new strategic fight system, better graphics and many new enemies and bosses. It even has multiple different endings depending on how you play. Darwin, the main character, has to save the world once again.

» Chaos Rings 2 now in the App Store

Mar 13

Draw Something has become very popular lately and sets some records. The game shows you three words of different categories and difficulty. You choose one and then you try to draw that word. Your opponent has to guess what word you’ve drawn. A highly addictive game and maybe even more fun than Wordfeud.

» Draw Something has been downloaded 20 million times

Nov 03

Korea Games App Store
For nearly two years the game category in Korea had been blocked due to concerns from the Game Ratings Board about the content rating of games. But now it has finally been added to Koreas App Store. The block was an obstacle for many game developers and some even claimed that the government was holding back the game industry in a nation of gamers. Now that the category is open, competition is expected to heat up between mobile game developers, some who had already started preparing their products for the new market on news of the upcoming change.

Com2uS, a leading mobile developer, got its start in mobile gaming over a decade ago, in 1998. Based in Seoul, “we have been excited and anticipating the day when South Korea would be able to have its own iTunes App Store,” says Don Lim, Manager of Com2uS America. With games such as Slice It! and Tower Defense finding fans globally, it will be a welcome change of pace to be able to offer their games in the country in which they are made. To celebrate this they decided to lower their price of all their games to $0,99: » The Korea App Store Finally Gets Game Category

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