Oct 15

Pangea Software released another game in the App Store. After their popular games Cro-mag Rally, Enigmo, Billy Frontier and Bugdom II they are going to release Nanosaur 2. Nanosaur 2: Hatchling is the a flying battle game for your iPhone or iPod Touch! The way the game works is : You pilot a flying dinosaur from the future who’s mission is to locate stolen dinosaur eggs and return them to saftey by throwing them into wormholes.
» App Store – Nanosaur2 a Dinosaur flying battle game

Oct 14

Sillysoft games ported their populare Risk-clone game Lux to the iPhone. The game Lux Touch has a simple gameplay in which you control Bleu armies and you need to conquer the world. Just like you would play the regular Risk. The good news is that the game is free but the developers are also going to release a deluxe version:

» App Store – Risk-clone ‘Lux Touch ‘

Oct 13

Niklas Wahrman originally developed his game Asterope originally for the Android platform, to compete in the Android Developer Challenge. But the game never got accepted, so he decided to port it to the App Store. Asterope is a game in which you try to protect the earth from being invaded by Androids. Check the video after the break to get a more detailed look.
» Android game Asterope goes iPhone

Oct 06

Our habit has become to inform you about any App Store deal that we find. Today i have 3 items with lower prices. A puzzle game called Numba, Freeverse Moto Chaser and Rock’n’roll a 2 shooter.
» App Store Deals pt 234324234234234

Oct 04

I found this a couple of days ago on a site I frequent(pr0x.org), but haven’t had enough time to post about it. It’s currently in beta(a big beta, this is a gigantic project after all). A member named “Your Every Day Hacker” picked up the project from a couple of iPod Touch Fans members, and he decided to continue it. This project is a big nod to iphone developers on Windows, filling the HUGE space left by Apple. Here’s the quote posted on pr0x:

» Windows iPhone Software Development Kit (beta)

Oct 04

This is a cool game I picked up from the App Store. It’s a turn-based strategy game, reminiscent of Advanced Wars and Fire Emblem.

The game starts out with you as a squire. You lead your army through a series of missions, trying to conquer the areas using your army. Every mission you win provides you with new units and artifacts which can be spent to upgrade your army.

Each area has three missions, and three raids. Once you beat all three missions, that particular area is conquered. You earn the ability to play the raids after you have beaten the corresponding mission. So when you beat Mission 1 of an area you unlock Raid 1. Each raid provides you with another scenario in which to fight. The benefit of raids are that once you beat them, you gain a certain number of artifacts which are listed on the raid’s page.
» App Store- Reign of Swords

Oct 02

A new US based startup, Gendai Games announced that they developed an application that will make it easy to create iPhone games. GameSalad as the application is named doesn’t need any programming experience although some pc experience is needed. GameSalad works by drag-and-dropping the elements (images, scripts, actions, and so on) into the GameSalad container.
» Make your own iPhone games with GameSalad

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