Apr 19
Vote and Win: Which is the best iPhone game?

Vote and Win: Which is the best iPhone game?

» Vote and Win: Which is the best iPhone game? (Ends)

Feb 23

projecthysteriaHysteria Project is a upcoming game for the iPhone soon to be released in the App Store by developer Bylkypix. Hysteria Project aims to be a horror game that will resemble the blair witch project.
» App Store – Hysteria project preview

Feb 12

needforspeedundercover1Craig Law the Content & Community Manager for EA Mobile has released new unedited screenshots from EA Mobiles upcoming Need For Speed Undercover game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. One important fact about these pictures is the fact that they are actual in game images and that they are not enhanced. Hit the break for more pictures.
» App Store – New screens from EA’s upcoming Need for Speed Undercover (iPhone/iPod touch)

Feb 05

new-beta-step-oneiBetaTest is a new website launched to make life easier for developers and beta testers. The official word on the site is: iBetaTest is an on-line service designed to bridge the gap between iPhone application developers and beta testers. We’re here to provide iPhone developers with a community dedicated to quality control, and at the same time provide Beta Testers with what they crave the most: exclusive access / first look to the apps not yet seen (and maybe even some cash).
» iBetaTest – Be a beta tester for App Store apps and games

Feb 04

bioshockMost of us gamers know 2K Games Bioshock, as it was one of the most popular games released last year for almost any platform out there. Last may IG FUN announced that they working on a iPhone version of the popular Bioshock game. Today we have a little preview of the mobile version game for you. I’m not 100% sure that this is the iPhone version but it will give us a idea on how the game will look. Enjoy the video after the break.
» App Store – Bioshock iPhone Preview video

Feb 04

nfs_undercover_iphoneOne of the most anticipated games that EA will release for the iPhone and iPod touch has to be the upcoming Need For Speed Undercover. EA Mobile has released a new video showing the gameplay and i must say it looks stunning. A EA spokesman also informed us that the price of the game will be $9.99 and not $19.99 as previously has been rumored. The release date has been set at March 2009. Hit the break for the video.
» App Store – iPhone/ iPod touch Need for speed update (video)

Feb 03

stuffradar This new version is a free update to Synium’s popular media organizer for the iPhone and iPod touch. StuffRadar tracks your Music CDs, Movies, Books and Games. StufRadar finds the titles you own, and those you still want to buy. Everything, detailed information, personal rating and price is intuitively presented. StuffRadar also keeps track of items the user has borrowed or lent.
» App Store – StuffRadar 2

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