Jan 14

While we wrote earlier today that Apple cuts orders for iPhone parts due to weak demand, the Korean company’s popular line of Galaxy S smartphones has recently reached a major milestone, crossing the 100 million unit mark in less than three years. Samsung posted the above image on its Flickr account. » Samsung Galaxy S Sales Surpass 100M Mark

Nov 23

Samsung created a new TV ad “to hit TV on Thanksgiving” and is trying  to mock iPhone users who are waiting in line.

Sep 15

Samsung Galaxy II TV Ad Apple Copy
Samsung released a new TV Ad for their Samsung Galaxy S II, but it looks like they are out of inspiration. If you watch the commercial it makes you think about another extreme populair phone, yes the iPhone. Yes it is a good phone if you ask me, but they should be a little more original when it comes to TV commercials and not, lets say “make a Apple Ad copy”. Check out the ad after the break, it looks pretty cool, but what do you expect from a Apple Ad copy. » Samsung Is Makes Apple-Like TV Ad For Their Galaxy S II

Aug 26

The big difference between the iPhone 4 and the Galaxy S is that the Galaxy S has a removable battery while the iPhone 4 hasn’t. If your Galaxy S battery is empty, it doesn’t have to be a problem because you can just put a new fully charged battery in it and you are good to go. Luckily there is also a solution for the iPhone 4 users, the Mili PowersSpring 4. The Mili PowerSpring 4 is a extended battery pack for your iPhone 4 that will double the lifetime of your iPhone battery. » Double The Battery Life Of Your iPhone 4 With The Mili PowerSpring 4!

Jun 11

iphone4 vs Galaxy S
Steve Jobs told during the WWDC10 Keynote that the Retina display mounted on the iPhone 4 is just superior. Samsung, the world’s biggest display maker does not agree on that. According to Samsung the retina display on the iPhone 4 is only 3 to 5 percent sharper than the AMOLED screen on the Samsung phone Galaxy S, that’s only a little bit sharper while the Retina display uses 30 percent more power. Samsung also believes that the Samsung AMOLED display offers a better viewing angle and contrast. » Samsung: iPhone 4 Retina Display Not As Good As Apple Said