Aug 12

While the Carhartt collection always offers great staple items, their well executed gadgets usually get most of the attention. Some of you might remember their portable BBQ grill or the Blackbird Fly Camera. Included in the line-up are iPad cases, iPhone 4 cases, a travel ashtray, dogtag tool, sleeping bag and more. We really like the matte military green colorway that they chose for most of the accessories. » Carhartt Fall/Winter 2011 Gadgets: iPhone & iPad Cases

May 11

The German company HMB-TEC’s gadgets has created over 20 gadgets that do things in the physical world. Starting from totally unnecessary gadgets like the “ipocket Fan Fan for iPhone” or the “Laser Pointer”, up to more handy gadgets like a “Flashlight” or “Wi-Fi and IR Remote Controllers”. All gadgets need the electrical current from the headphone jack in your iDevice. But face it, these gadgets are only for the real iPhoneFreakz right? » Useful & Totally Unnecessary iPhone Gadgets

Mar 30

logodeximWe got our hands on the BluePack S2 for iPhone/iPod from Dexim. Charge your iPhone/iPod on the go. Dexim BluePack S2(1200mA) extends your talking time up to 3.5 hours, video watching time up to 7 hours, music playing time up to 36 hours.
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» Gadgets Reviewed! : Dexim – BluePack S2