Oct 09

A funny MythBusters spin-off shows that it’s very difficult to get Flash on the iPhone, but in the end the myth is hacked. » No Flash On The iPhone Is A Myth!

Feb 12

pharcePharce is a video creation utility for the iPhone. The novelty software allows users to create videos on their iPhone and post them to YouTube. Create cute, funny, or mocking videos to share with friends and family by email or share with the world on YouTube.
» App Store – Pharce app let’s you record to youtube

Feb 04

krappscomKrapps is a new website where you will find reviews of the most crappy apps available in the app store hence the name krapps. Their latest post reviews 2 applications called iPee and Shy Bladder. Both applications have something to do with emptying your bladder (they are bladder movement assistance apps.). I won’t go much in detail here but if you would like to read your occasional review of a crappy app. Then i recommend Krapps.
» App Store – Kr(appy)Apps review site (KRAPPS.COM)

Jul 16

Funny iPhone 3G ad

iPhone 3G1 Comment »      Chris Eissens

RedLasso has put a very funny ad online from E! Entertainment. It shows us a guy in the same outfit as the well known iPhone tutorial guy on the iPhone 3G introduction movies. The movie twists the the truth a bit to the absurd but it’s still funny. Enjoy

» Funny iPhone 3G ad

May 10

Codemorphic released a little webmovie, where they announce there first native SDK app.
The name is retrophone and personally i know i have seen this one before :)
They’ve also announced that they want to be the number1 developer for native iPhone applications.
Personally i don’t think they will succeed with this kind of app, what do you guys think?

Click more for the video.
» RetroPhone: old school dialer for the iPhone

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