Aug 10

These days there are more and more part leaks of the low-cost iPhone “iPhone C?” and the next generation iPad. Now a new listing at parts and repair firm Macfixit Australia includes a number of photos of a similar part, which the company’s supplier says is a genuine front panel and digitizer for the fifth-generation iPad. » Photos Of Black iPad 5 Front Panel & Digitizer Assembly

Oct 03 claims they got pictures of the “upcoming” iPad mini and posted them on their website. They say that they got the parts from a source who visited the factory in Asia. In the pictures you see the plastic spacer bars, which Apple has traditionally used for 3G and 4G radio equipment, an Audio jack at the bottom and the nano SIM tray that. After the break more pictures of the LCD display and the outer case. » Photos Of “iPad Mini” Parts Showing Rear Shell & Front Panel

Aug 31

A new report from [Google translation] is pointing to a fresh set of high-quality photos and a video of an assembled front panel which they claim to be from the next-generation iPhone “iPhone 5”. The photos and video is coming from a Chinese parts distributor called SINOCET. Above you can see a high quality photo of a front-on view of the assembled front panel next to the same part from an iPhone 4S. » New Photos & Video Of Larger ‘iPhone 5’ Front Panel

Aug 27

Parts of the upcoming iPhone “5” which will most likely be introduced on September 12, continue to surface. These last photos which were highlighted by [Google translation] showing what appears to be the most completely assembled front panel seen yet. Above you can see an assembled front panel complete with LCD frame, front camera, and home button. After the break you can find more closeups showing flex cables for display, front camera and home button. » Photos Of “iPhone 5” Front Panel With Home Button, Front Camera & Shielding Installed

Jul 16

9to5mac reported that Apple.Pro has posted an photo of the next-generation iPhone front. Notice the centered FaceTime camera. It’s a single white frame, the black is just the frame flipped over. Which is new, we’ve yet to see a white iPhone front frame for the next iPhone. 9to5mac also noticed that more of these same frames are leaking out as production is reportedly starting.

May 31

Macotakara has posted a video showing a glass panel for the next generation iPhone. In a comparison with the current iPhone Glass Panel it looks like there is about a centimeter difference.

Aug 22

Another possible next generation iPod Touch assembly part pops up on the internet. Micgadget found some pictures of a front LCD and bezel of the upcoming “claimed” 4th generation iPod Touch in a Chinese online store which is selling it for $95 USD. The part is labelled “Apple (c) 2010″ and includes a hole for a front facing camera. Take a look after the break for the pictures and let us know what you think of it. Is it real? » Next Gen iPod Touch Front Panel Pictures?