Oct 20

Steve Jobs The Biography Fortune
Fortune Magazine will have an exclusive excerpt of the Walter Isaacson biography “Steve Jobs” which will be released on Monday, the 24th. This part is focused on the relationship that Jobs had with Microsoft Founder Bill Gates. “The magazine has secured exclusive rights to the sections in Walter Isaacsons Steve Jobs devoted to Jobs relationship to Bill Gates.” » Steve Jobs & Bill Gates: Exclusive Bio Excerpt In Fortune Monday

Nov 06


Fortune has proclaimed Steve Jobs as CEO of the decade and offers a detailed report of all his recent successes. Apple was established in 1977 and has seen many CEO’s. Steve Jobs returned to Apple when the company was on the brink of bankruptcy. In a few years Jobs helped the company to get back on their feet and become one of the companies most spoken about. Steve Jobs completely changed the face of the company. » Steve Jobs: CEO Of The Decade!

Jul 30

When the App Store opened about a half a month ago, their where about 500 applications available. Now the list has grown to 1001 and for this special reason Fortune devoted a article about it. Hit the read more link to read it in full.
» App Store – 1001 applications already !!