Oct 28

google-maps-navigation-iphone-250x148Forbes claims Google is developing a navigation system for mobile phones, and that includes the iPhone. It will work with Google Maps, an app present on the iPhone since its launch. The system will offer routes and turn-by-turn navigation. The latter is a frequently asked feature says Carolyn Penner, spokesperson of Google. » Google Planning To Come With Free Turn-By-Turn Application?

Jul 19

In the tech world, you can always spot a hot platform by the number of first-time entrepreneurs swarming around it, hoping to get a head start in a new market. And in the frenetic scramble around the iPhone, few newcomers are as energetic as Jonathan Zweig, founder of Los Angeles-based Jirbo, a mobile games start-up that boasts a toothy gerbil for a mascot.
» iPhone game developer Jirbo speaks out