May 22

First Apple came with Twitter integration in iOS 5 and then Facebook integration in iOS 6. Now according to 9to5Mac, Apple will expand its social network integration even further with iOS 7, including support for both photo sharing site Flickr and video sharing site Vimeo. » iOS 7 Comes With Social Network Integration Support For Flickr & Vimeo

Oct 27

Coincidence or not? On the same day that Google Earth releases their google earth application in the App Store, Earthscape decides to give people their application for free. Earthscape used to have a pricetag of €3,99/$4,99 but is now available for free!
» App Store – Earthscape now free!

Oct 23

Cooliris, Inc. has released Cooliris, a free application in the App Store, that allows you to view image search results from engines such as Flickr, Google, and Yahoo! in a 3D “wall.” The images are displayed along a wall, and you can pinch to zoom and even email photos. » App Store – Cooliris

Oct 03

Flickr has made a new mobile version of its website, which is completely optimized for the iPhone. The most used options can be found on the top of the page, and although there isn’t any chaching going on, the images are loading quite fast.
» Flickr launched new web interface for the iPhone

Jul 08

Exposure is a Flickr browsing client that makes it easy to see what folks are up to on Flickr. Browse your own photos, your contacts, or stranger’s photos easily and using all that bells and whistles one would expect from a full fledged iPhone app. You can also comment on photos, favorite them, share them via email and more.
» App Store – xposure ( a Flickr browsing iPhone client)

Jul 03

Shozu is a upcoming free iPhone appstore application that promises to make your world mobile. It allows you to interact with almost any popular social network out there. Shozu will allow you to post photos & videos, update your profile status, read and reply to comments and download your friends photos and feeds on nearly all your favorite social networks. The application is already available to several other mobile platforms but the iPhone version is almost ready to be offered in the AppStore.
» AppStore – Shozu share your iPhone videos and pictures on social networks

May 09

IFlickr is no new app, but as it’s really quite cool, i will write a quick post about it.

Iflickr is a tool that has some very nifty features.

It allows you to upload any picture from your iPhone. This includes new pictures you take with the app or pictures from your cameraroll.
» iFlickr post your iPhone pictures to Flicker