Jul 23

Two days ago people started noticing that the App “Handy Light” is actually more than just another flashlight app. It turned out that there was a hidden application inside Handy Light that made it possible to tether your iPhone with your computer. That’s right, you could buy the app for just 99 cents and you get a free tethering app with it. Its weird Apple didn’t notice that in the approval process but ones Apple found out, they removed it immediately. Did you had the change to download the app? And if so, will you use the hidden tethering app? » Handy Lights Tethering App – Removed!

Jun 02

A developer by the Youtube name Treibercc has uploaded a movie showing something that looks like a build in flashlight in OS 4.0. We all know the flashlight applications, but maybe those applications are not necessary anymore because when you hit the power button 3 times after each other, the screen turns bright white for a view seconds. What do you think is this a bug or feature. » FlashLight In OS 4.0, Feature or Bug?

May 11

The German company HMB-TEC’s gadgets has created over 20 gadgets that do things in the physical world. Starting from totally unnecessary gadgets like the “ipocket Fan Fan for iPhone” or the “Laser Pointer”, up to more handy gadgets like a “Flashlight” or “Wi-Fi and IR Remote Controllers”. All gadgets need the electrical current from the headphone jack in your iDevice. But face it, these gadgets are only for the real iPhoneFreakz right? » Useful & Totally Unnecessary iPhone Gadgets

Jan 02

MustappsMainPromo-1MustApps In Box is a new application from the creators of batteryfull +(alarm) This new application is a collection of 8 handy apps in one package. It contains the apps: BatteryAlarm, Tip Calculator, FullBrowser, Flashlight, Sales Calculator, Date Calc, Loan Calculator and Calculator. So what can all these apps do for you? It helps you to calculate almost all thinks you can think of. It gives you an alternative browser and it tells you when your iPhone is done charging. Below is a list of more detailed explanations.

» MustApps In Box (8 in 1)

Apr 02

One of the reasons why i loved my old nokia so much, was that it had a led light on the top.

I used that light for all sorts of things, i always wanted a cell with a function like that.

So now xx months later i bought myself a iPhone (the geek in me won the battle :) ), but the iPhone has no Flashlight ?
No it hasn’t untill somebody was thinking like me and created the little app flashlight.

Ok the light isn’t that super, but it’s enough if i need to find where to put my carkey or if i need so guide myself in the dark somewhere.

So here we go, we have our flashlight.

Let me explain via screens.


» Need light? Use flashlight for iPhone or iPod Touch