Aug 25

FaceBook released an update to its standalone Messenger app. The new update includes support for smiley and emoji graphics, the ability to tap a friend’s name to access their Timeline, bug fixes, and a new messages sound. » Facebook Messenger Updated With Active Friends, Smileys & Fixes

Jul 26

Apple iOS 4.3.5 iPhone
Just a few days after iOS 4.3.4 came out, a new version of the OS “iOS 4.3.5” has been released that “fixes a security vulnerability with certificate validation.” The CDMA version of iOS has also been updated to 4.2.10. » Apple Drops iOS 4.3.5 & 4.2.10 For The Verizon iPhone. Security Fixes

Sep 12

The time has finally come. iPhone firmware version 2.1 has finally been released and features many bug fixes. Although, it does not contain advanced GPS features or Copy and Paste, which was one of the two most wanted items in this update. I also haven’t heard of the push notification server being opened in this firmware update. » iPhone 2.1 finally released

Aug 05

iPhone firmware 2.0.1 has finally been released. You can update your iPhone via iTunes. Hopefully this resolves our major problems we have with crashing applications and other bugs. The firmware does promises to fix some bugs, but a list has not yet been published.
» iPhone firmware update 2.0.1 now available!!

Jul 31

As with each firmware update, firmware 2.0 has bugs. But unfortunately, firmware 2.0 has an abnormal amount of bugs that greatly diminish the iPhone’s performance. Here’s a list of 10 bugs that many of us would love for Apple to fix in the 2.1 firmware update. » Ten bug fixes we would like to see in iPhone firmware 2.1