Jul 21

Apple has responded to the recent App Store in-app-purchase bug and fraud with an email and temporary solution for registered iOS developers. This email includes a link to a new Apple developer web documentthat describes the issue and teaches developers how to temporarily plug the issue. » Apple Said iOS 6 Will Fix In-App-Purchase Fraud

Oct 29

A bug that made it possible to activate your iPhones without the original SIM has just been fixed by Apple today. It is not possible anymore to activate your iPhone with a phonebook SIM, so don’t buy them. Use PwnageTool and limera1n to activate your iPhone.

Aug 15

photoshop-express 1.3.1For all the designers and Photoshop fans out there, Adobe did it! They fixed all the problems version 1.3 of Adobe Photoshop Express caused, luckily that didn’t take very long. Its safe again to update Adobe Photoshop Express on the iPhone, iPod and iPad. You can download Adobe Photoshop Express in the App Store for free. » Adobe Photoshop Express Version 1.3.1, Will Fix The Bugs Of Version 1.3!

Jul 15

A reader of Gizmodo said he replaced his iPhone 4 because of the signal issue and the proximity sensor issue. When he received his new iPhone 4 he noticed some differences between his new iPhone 4 and his first iPhone 4. He noticed that the “black [plastic] bezel isn’t as black on the new one”, he “couldn’t see the proximity sensor at all on the previous iPhone 4, now he can” and “The stainless steel band on the new phone is less ‘steel-y’ and more matte” it looks like they added a coated of some kind. He decided to try out the death grip and said there is certainly some huge improvement. So what does this mean? Is this guy just loosing his mind, because he has a working iPhone 4 now, or is Apple silently replacing the iPhone 4 with a new “improved” second edition. » Is Apple Silently Replacing The iPhone 4 With An Upgraded Version?

Apr 17

Some of you (especially Internet Explorer users) may have noticed some problems when opening posts with embedded youtube movies.

I was able to solve these issues and i also made the site perform much faster by tweaking some settings.

If you still notice problem, please post it here or in the forum so i’m aware of any issues :)

Greetz and Enjoy all of iPhoneFreakz