Oct 25

Recently, Apple seeded the second beta release of the upcoming 2.2 iPhone firmware; however, this time, the release included the Google Street View that had been rumored to be included before this. Screenshot inside. » iPhone firmware 2.2 Beta 2 includes Google Street View

Sep 26

Recently, Apple seeded a beta firmware 2.2 to developers. There hasn’t been any features added yet, but the Safari interface has changed just a little. Read the full post by clicking the read more link. » MobileSafari’s interface receives a change in beta firmware 2.2

Sep 19

2 new iPhone/iPod Touch patents have been published. One talks about usability improvements and the other about interface improvements. Both seem to be linked to the upcoming ‘push’ feature Apple promised during the WWDC keynote. Hit the read more link to see the full details.
» New Apple patents : iPhone usability, interface improvements

Sep 16

Firmware 2.1 has been released on Friday and solved a lot issues for the iPhone users.
While Apple has provided an official list of new features and fixes (see our previous post ), some users found already some undocumented changes in the latest firmware.
» iPhone 2.1: Additional features

Sep 13


A jailbreak has been discovered for the iPod Touch running firmware version 2.1. It is only for the iPod Touch, and is sort of tedious, but I’ve heard it gets the job done. I personally have not tested it, due to the lack of an iPod Touch, but if you want to try, click the read more link for instructions. » iPod Touch 2.1 jailbroken

Sep 12

The time has finally come. iPhone firmware version 2.1 has finally been released and features many bug fixes. Although, it does not contain advanced GPS features or Copy and Paste, which was one of the two most wanted items in this update. I also haven’t heard of the push notification server being opened in this firmware update. » iPhone 2.1 finally released

Aug 31

The Ipod touch update normally costs you 9.99$. However by checking the communication that goes from your PC to the Apple site, you can quickly discover a link (file) in which all iPod firmware files are showed in clear text.
» All iPod Firmware links

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