Feb 07

A bug has been found in the current version of iOS 7. This bug allow users to disable Find my iPhone on a device without typing in a password, which effectively hides it from being located on iCloud.com. The video above shows that it only takes a few simple steps to deactivating Find My iPhone. » New iOS 7 Bug Found: Disable “Find My iPhone” Without Typing in a Password

Nov 21

MobileMe iOS 4-2
MacRumors found some evidence, Apple might just be considering adding a free level of MobileMe service iDevice owners on iOS 4.2. “The evidence comes in the form of a new private framework known as AppleAccounts.framework that includes a series of device-specific error messages referring to free MobileMe accounts. In particular, the error messages include alerts regarding having reached “the maximum number of free accounts” for a given device and certain devices not being “qualified for free MobileMe service.” » Free MobileMe Service For iOS 4.2 Users?

Sep 07


Apples own applications MobileMe iDisk and Find My iPhone, has both been updated tonight. The biggest reason for these updated is to solve some bugs. The MobileMe iDisk has received some stability and performance improvements, and it fixes a problem opening Keynote files in some circumstances on the iPad, the rotation of images will now be orientate the correct way. » Updated: MobileMe iDisk And Find My iPhone

Jan 30

stolen iphone thief find my iphoneWhat will you do when your iPhone gets stolen? Well Sam form Los Angeles will do anything to get his iPhone Back, he used Google, AT&T, MobileMe, White Pages and ussearch.com to find out everything about his iPhone Thief, so he could get his iPhone back. » iPhone Thief Busted

Aug 04

MobileMe users can use the beautiful and handy feature called ‘Find My iPhone’. Don’t know where you left your iPhone? ‘Find My iPhone’ show the location of the iPhone on a Google Maps map. But the feature also comes in handy when your iPhone is stolen. This happened to Sanjay. Together with his wife, he did some detective stuff and quickly found the thief and his iPhone.

» Become A Detective With ‘Find My iPhone’

Jun 23

This is the real story of Kevin, who lost his iPhone and found it back with the MobileMe feature called “Find my iphone”. Read the story below: » ‘Find My iPhone’ Works

Mar 19

mobile-meSome beta testers of the iPhone OS 3.0 found out 2 new services in the MobileMe settings. The first one is a nice option called “Find My iPhone” which enables you to trace your iPhone via gps. The second one they discoverd is when going to publish an image there is an option that says “Publish Video”!! which means that you will probably be able to record a video directly from your iPhone! Check out the screenshots after the break.
» MobileMe: Publish Video and Find my iPhone available in OS 3.0