Aug 05

Mac Otakara has released a brief video that allegedly shows the front panel and back shell of the iPad 5 assembled together for the first time. The rear shell appears to have a transparent or translucent logo. Apple’s fifth-generation iPad is expected to launch as soon as next month, with a new iPad mini with Retina display perhaps following soon after. » Partially Assembled iPad 5 & “iPhone 5C” Appear In New Videos

Jun 01

Yesterday we wrote that Apple launched a new “stripped-down” fifth-generation iPod Touch, replacing the fourth-generation iPod touch. Now Apple’s retail stores began carrying the device today. Australian Ben Pasternak was one of the first to purchase the new iPod touch, and he has posted a brief video overview of it. The new iPod Touch carries a black front and silver back, lacking the rear camera and support for Apple’s Loop wrist strap and is available in 16GB only. » First Look at Apple’s New 16 GB iPod Touch

May 31

Apple has just made a quiet update to its iPod touch lineup, launching a new 16 GB fifth-generation model without a rear camera for $229. The new iPod touch is only available with a black front and silver back and replaces the fourth-generation iPod touch. The new model can be found in the Apple Store here for $229 and should be available in Apple Retail Stores within the next couple of days. » Apple Launches New 16 GB iPod Touch With No Rear Camera For $229

Oct 11

Apple started shipping to costumers who pre-ordered the new iPod Touch or iPod Nano and the first hands-on videos hit the web. iDB also got their hands on a “black” fifth-generation iPod Touch and uploaded a detailed unboxing video today, which you can see above. » 5th Generation iPod Touch Unboxing Video From iDB

Oct 11

The iPod Touch “fifth-generation” and the iPod Nano “seventh-generation” hit the store shelves and started shipping yesterday. Now Apple uploaded an old ad about the new iPod Touch and iPod Nano to their YouTube channel and homepage. The ad “called Bounce” shows a bunch of colorful iPods jumping to a catchy tune.

Oct 10

People started reporting that their orders for Apple’s new fifth-generation iPod touch and seventh-generation iPod nano have shipped. The delivery of the devices is expected late this week or early next week. A photo from Japan (after the break) posted to, shows that stores have also begun stocking the new devices. Above you can see an unboxing video from Andreas Pall of the fifth-generation iPod touch from Japan. » iPod Touch 5G & iPod Nano Begin Shipping [Unboxing Video]

Oct 06

Last month Apple introduced the fifth-generation iPod Touch and started taking pre-orders for the device, availability was set for a rather vague “October” timeframe. After multiple reports from people who pre-ordered the device, it looks like Apple is preparing to ship the first iPod Touch and iPod Nano devices. Multiple pre-order customer started noticing that their order status has been changed to “Preparing for Shipment” and one customer has reported that his credit card has also been charged. » Apple Preparing To Send Fifth-Generation iPod Touch To Customers