Jun 03


During the WWDC 2014 event, Apple announced iOS 8. The latest version of iOS will be available this fall and comes with Messages app improvements, keyboard enhancements and access to third-party keyboards, HealthKit and more. It also shows battery usage by app, this way we can monitor the battery drain of specific apps. Check out the first iOS 8 hands-on videos after the break to find out more about the new features and improvements. » First iOS 8 Hands-On Videos Show New Features & Improvements

Jun 21

Photo of the possible iPhone 5S by AlexKormisPS (ALM) via Flickr

Apple’s smartphones have plenty of loyal fans around the world, for good reason. While the iPhone 5 fell short of initial projected sales, with 5 million phones sold during the launch weekend versus the at least 8 million projected, by the end of 2012, Forbes reports more than 27 million iPhone 5s were sold. As the iPhone 5’s one-year anniversary approaches, rumors are swirling about the next iPhone: Will it be an iPhone 6, or an iPhone 5S? Will the next model come in different sizes? What kind of casing will the phone have? While nothing is certain, here are five features that would make the next iPhone even better than the iPhone 5. » 5 Features We Want In The Next iPhone

Sep 20

The iPhone 5 launch day is this Friday,  but some pre-orders have already been delivered. Some of the lucky view created the very first unboxing videos to tease our eyes. Above you can see a video the from UK gadget site T3, which received an official review unit from Apple. They also posted a number of other videos showing off features of the iPhone 5. After the break you can see another unboxing video which has been posted to the official YouTube account of Vodafone. » First iPhone 5 Unboxing Videos Posted On YouTube

Jun 12

Apple said that  iOS 6, the next version of its iPhone and iPad operating system,  will be compatible with devices as old as the iPhone 3GS, which is 3 years old. iOS 6 will be compatible with multiple devices but not all features are available on all devices. Macrumors created a nice “infographic” which you can see above, that shows what features are supported on each device. » Support For iOS 6 Features On Older Devices

Feb 17

Yesterday we informed you that Apple announced OS X Mountain Lion and will arrive this summer. OS X 10.8 offers a number of new features and InsanelyGreatMac has put together this nice walkthrough video of OS X AirPlay mirroring. AirPlay mirroring allows you to transmit your OS X desktop onto your Apple TV over Wi-Fi, check out the video above. CultofMac also got their hands on OS X 10.8 and they created a walkthrough of 30 other features in OS X 10.8. You can check out that video after the break. » AirPlay & Other Features in OS X Mountain Lion

Apr 19

Engadget laid eyes on a video from the prolific leaksters over at Tinhte, who claim they not only have a white iPhone 4 from Apple, but it’s one with a “test version” of iOS that nobody else has yet seen. It’s difficult to ascertain how legitimate this software is — it could just be a neatly done jailbreak mod — but that site has a track record of getting its hands on Apple gear ahead of the pack. With that said, the multitasking menu shown here substitutes the current use of apps’ icons to represent them with a visual of each app’s open window. You can tap on a window to expand it (replete with animation) to fill the screen or long-press on it to bring up the familiar “x” button for shutting it down. This is all accompanied by a new “Search iPhone” dialog at the very top, which sends you into Spotlight search that looks very much the way it currently does (though it seems to no longer be accessible with a left swipe from the first homescreen as on previous versions of iOS). Take a look after the break for the videos. » White iPhone 4 Showing New iOS Features?

Nov 25

During the short period the iPhone has been released to the public, the device became very popular, but there are still some features most of us lack. Apple is slowly adding new feature but i personally would like to have some extra ones that i did have on my previous phones. I’m certainly not the only one and someone else must have thought exactly the same, so he started the website pleasefixtheiphone.com.
» Any iPhone features you would like? PleaseFixtheiPhone

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