Sep 26

Apple created four new FaceTime commercials where they show how much fun you can have when making a FaceTime call. “FaceTime is video chat for the iPhone 4 en iPod touch 4G” There are no lyrics in these movies, only the song ‘When You’re Smiling’ by Louis Armstrong. You can see 3 more movies after the break. » Four New FaceTime Commercials

Sep 01

iPod Touch 4
Now we finally know if all the rumors about the iPod Touch 4 are real or not. What about the retina display, does it have a camera, will it have a new design, etc. Well Steve Job told us all about it in the Media Event today. First of all, yes it will have a front facing camera for FaceTime and a rear camera for HD recording. Second it has a Retina display and a A4-processor just like the iPhone 4. They have upgraded the device with a 3 axis gyro for better gaming experience. Last but not least, it will run on iOS 4.1 with Game Center. » Media Event iPod Touch 4 Details!

Aug 25

apple_2010_media_invite_ event
Apple just published the date of the yearly media-event held by Steve Jobs. It will be held on Wednesday September the 1st at 10:00 AM Pacific Time in the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, the traditional location for Apple’s fall media events. If the rumors are true Apple will introduce a FaceTime-enabled iPod touch, a redesigned $99 Apple TV device “iTV” and 99 cent TV show rentals. » Apple: iPod Event Will Be Held On September The First!

Aug 11

John Gruber, the owner of the Daring Fireball is well known when it goes about predicting features of upcoming Apple products. In one of his last stories he wrote the next sentence “if you wait a few weeks to buy the Touch, you’ll get one with a Retina Display and dual cameras.”. It does not really sound impossible, because there are already a lot of rumors going around the web telling the next gen iPod Touch can make FaceTime calls using registered email address. So does this mean the next gen iPod Touch will be like the iPhone 4 without the Phone app? Guess we will find out within the next couple of weeks.

Aug 06

fourth gen iPod Touch facetime
Like always, after the release of a new iPhone its time for a next gen iPod Touch. But what can we expect? Well the first rumors are taking over the internet already, Macrumors uploaded some pictures of what should be the front LCD of the upcoming iPod Touch. When you take a closer look you will notice a small hole on the top that would leave room for a front-facing FaceTime camera. But because there is no Phone App on the iPod Touch, how can you make FaceTime calls? Well according to Boy Genius Report the FaceTime app on the iPod Touch will look for a registered email address. » Rumor: Next Gen iPod Touch To Include Front Facing Camera For FaceTime

Aug 02

FaceTime is only possible over Wi-Fi because Apple and AT&T didn’t allow us to make FaceTime calls over 3G network. But thanks to My3G we now can make FaceTime calls over 3G network. My3G makes apps believe that they are on WiFi instead of 3G, thanks to this little tweak the FaceTime app also thinks you are connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot while you actually use your 3G network. This way you can make FaceTime calls anytime you want and you are not depended to Wi-Fi hotpots anymore. You can get My3G in the Cydia store via the ModMyi repo.

Jul 12

Apple iPhone 4 ads
Apple just launched 4 new iPhone 4 commercials all about FaceTime. The commercials are called Smile, Meet Her, Big News, and Haircut. Apple shows different situations and emotions in each ad. You can see the commercials after the break. » Apple: 4 New iPhone 4 FaceTime Ads

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