Nov 28

Glif is a tripod mount & stand for your iPhone 4 that will cost you $20. Glif just opened their online store and started selling their tripod mount that you can use in multiple positions. Its small, has a simple design, and is elegant. Mount your iPhone 4 to the tripod in almost any position you want and start taking great pictures and movies or use it for hands free FaceTime. You can purchase this tripod on the Glif website. » The Glif: An iPhone 4 Stand & Tripod Mount

Nov 27

Its almost December and its time to starts the iPad 2 rumors. Reports from Taiwan are saying the next gen iPad will include a Retina Display, but is that financially plausible? They also say it will include a USB dock, which will be great and will make the iPad more popular. I think we all can assume there will be a built in camera for FaceTime, but what about a 3-axis gyroscopes for gaming experience? » iPad 2 Will Get A Retina Display, Camera & USB Port?

Nov 26

FaceIt 3Gs is a tweak that enables FaceTime on the iPhone 3Gs. Yesterday the tweak has been updated for iOS 4.2.1. To download this tweak “for free” you need a jailbroken iPhone 3Gs, add the iPhone Islam “” repo to Cydia and you are ready to go.

Nov 08

FaceIT 3Gs
I wrote about FaceIT 3Gs “which enables FaceTime on the iPhone 3Gs” earlier today and it turns out its already available in the Cydia Store for Free. So add the repo and download FaceIT 3Gs. Remember you need a iPhone 3Gs with iOS 4.1.

Nov 08

Its now possible to enable FaceTime on the iPhone 3Gs thanks to the guys from iPhoneIslam. Unfortunately its not possible to transfer video yet “only audio till now” but the guys from iPhoneIslam are working on that and hopefully they will release an update soon. » FaceTime On iPhone 3Gs via FaceIT 3Gs [jailbreak]

Oct 21

We already talked about the possibility that FaceTime will be integrated in iChat. It turns out that Apple just released a beta version of FaceTime as a stand-alone Mac application. You can download FaceTime for your Mac here and you can login with your iTunes Store account. Now you can start communicate over FaceTime with your iPhone and iPod friends. » FaceTime For Mac Beta Available Now

Oct 19

A forum member over at spotted a key in a FaceTime property list “called AllowsMultipleConnections” which is set to ‘false’ by default, but setting it to ‘true’ will probably enable multiple FaceTime connections at ones which can be used for Video Group Chat. » Video Group Chat Coming For FaceTime?

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