May 21

I gave you some information regarding the ScanLife app. See my previous post.
It appears that the ScanLife version won’t be out for some time, but i did find another version that is in our installer.
The app is called iMatrix and it works fantastically, better then the ScanLife app.
iMatrix is a project from a Lithuanian developer and it can already read 2D codes encoded as QR code, Datamatrix, ShotCode and Aztec. EZcode and Beetagg are still in the development phase.
The iMatrix app can automatically open web links, add contacts, add calendar event, add new notes and initiative new e-mail or phone calls !
Ă‚ » iMatrix (ScanLife follow-up)

May 20

ScanLife is a new service that let’s you scan barcodes for anything you can think off.
This is going to be the new way to quickly get all the information you need.
Scanlife will use EZCodes, they are a new 2d version of our classical barcode.
These new EZcodes can contain all sorts of information. Imagine reading a magazine ..
In that mag you see a advertisement for a concert and a EZcode. You take a snapshot of the easy code, and your iPhone will remember you to buy tickets for that concert.
» ScanLife (instant information available everywhere)