Apr 23

Eric Degrange, the developer who brought us the super app Ringtones.
Just released a proof of concept video where he shows that it’s possible to have a running video as your background on your springboard.

There’s no news of a new app, that will allow this, but i guess we might have some extra news a little bit later.

It does look really fancy, howevery i think that these kind of mods will drain your battery really fast.
The video after the break.

» Play a video on your springboard instead of a wallpaper

Apr 13

Eric Degrange released yet another update of his very popular Ringtones app today.
So what’s new ?

Well a very nice feature … (except for a little problem)

You can now set any song without converting directly as your tone.

(little problem)= However .. the little problem I’m referring to, is .. when you use this new feature, it’s not possible to make your phone silent and vibrate…

Eric has put the warning EXPERIMENTAL on his blog.
» Jamendo Ringtones 2.82 released (update 2.83, update 2.84)

Apr 04

We all know Eric Degrange by his superb app ringtones.

Well he’s back and has a new gift for us.
It’s called rWallpaper 1.2.

What it does? You take the Wallpaper application, add automatic changing of wallpaper on a user chosen interval .. and tata you have Rwallpaper.

I”ll explain with screenshots..

» Get random wallpapers with rWallpaper 1.2

Mar 31

It was less than 24 hours ago that i installed version 2.71 onto my iPhone.

Well Eric Degrange is back with his updated version 2.73 of Ringtones.

The first thing that i notice when running the app, is the new option to skip the checking screen.
The other thing i also noticed is the displaying of free disk space.

According to his forum, some people where asking for this.
» Jamendo Ringtones 2.73 updated

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