Apr 22

Gameboy4iPhone has been released to the general public.
Although you won’t find it in your trusted installer app.
ZodTTD has decided to release this specific emu first on Cydia (App installer like Installer).

For the people not knowing what cydia is, it’s like installer (but better), but on the other hand it has less sources.

The ambitious people can install it via cydia (first install ZodTTD source, and then you can find it in the games section), for the guys running installer, just wait 1 a 2 days and i’ll show you where to find it.

I must say, i’ve played gameboy4iphone for quite some time now, and it simply rocks !!
The graphics are perfect, no lagging at all, however, now and then you have some lagging of the sound. But it’s perfectly playable !
» Play gameboy games on your iPhone/iPod Touch with Gameboy4iPhone v1.5.0

Apr 21

Zodttd has released Psx4iphone v0.3.0 to his betatesters.

Official release information:

psx4iphone v0.2.0 seemed to have a large issue with games crashing on boot. It only happened to some users with certain firmwares. It seems firmware upgrades from iClarified use a certain library (libgcc_s.1.dylib) that is not compatible with builds of software made with newer toolchains.
» psx4iphone updated to version 0.3.0 (for beta testers)

Apr 20

This is breaking news again..

ZodTTD has released gameboy4iphone 1.1.0 to his beta-testers.

One of the highlights of this release is the Much better sound quality.

Here’s the changelog:

Changes 1.1.0:
– Fixed performance decreases when scaled on is set. Turning scaling off decreases performance due to hardware scaling usage. Gameplay should be faster than before.
» gameboy4iphone update to v1.1.0 !

Apr 19

ZodTTd has released an update to his already very cool app Genesis4iphone and he has released a new emulater for the gameboy, gameboy4iphone to his beta-testers.

I don’t have much news now, but as soon as both app’s are released to the public, i will review them asap.

Keep an eye out on his repo that you can find here .

For the people who would like to be beta-tester, go to www.zodttd.com and donate some $ or € and Zodttd will add you to the list of betatesters.

Here is a video of the beta working:
» Gameboy4iphone v0.6.0 and Genesis4iphone v1.5.0 released to beta-testers

Apr 05

I’ve already discussed some emulators and today i’m going to review the Gameboy advance emu for the iPhone / iPod Touch.

I must say version 1.5.0 also works very well, sometimes the sound lags, but it’s really playable with soud.

I played Super Mario Advance and ok, when i looked back on my watch it was 2 hours later :)

There’s not very much to tell so let’s just jump to the installation and all the info you guys/girls wanna know.

» Play Gameboy Advance games on your iPhone/iPod Touch with gpSphone

Apr 03

I’ve already discussed some emulators but i haven’t yet talked about the NES emu for the iPhone / iPod Touch.

In contradiction to all my previous emulator reviews, this one actually works perfectly.

I just finished playing some Super Mario Bros3 ( a game i loved to play when i was a little kid), and damn this emu is good !!

There’s not very much to tell so let’s just jump to the installation and all the info you guys/girls wanna know.
» Play NES games on your iPhone

Apr 02

Zodttd released a new version of the psx4iphone emulator v0.2.0.

What’s new?

Zodttd added support for firmwares 1.1.3 and 1.1.4
He compiled it with saurik’s new toolchain. (speed improvement)
Fixed the detection of where frameskipping can be used during certain frames within a game.
Improved the dynamic recompiler code.
Moved the bios location to /var/mobile or root depending on the firmware/Media/ROMs/PSX/

» Playstation games on your iPhone with psx4iphone

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