May 31

StyleTap (the creators of the StyleTap Platform, a palm emulator for windows mobile) have officially announced that they will bring there Palm Os emulator to our beloved devices.
I know some people who will be very happy with this news.
The video shows us the app working and at this extremely well.
Jump on to the video to see it in action.
» Palm emulator coming for the iPhone!

May 30

ZodTTD is at it again! This time they build an application called temper4iphone, which ports temper (a TurboGrafx-16 emulator) to the iphone and ipod touch.

The application is currently still in beta. The developer released the beta to a handful of people to review test and comment it. Games like Bonk, Die-Hard, R-Type and many more are playable through the touchscreen with good graphics and controls. We even heard the application is able to reach 50 fps while running in the (slower) landscape mode. » Temper4iphone a Turbografx-16 emulator

May 30

A couple of days ago we brought you the news regarding the soon to be released iControlPad or the PSP-like iphone controller :)
The developer has released a short video where he shows us the communication between the controlpad and the iPhone. The developer also informed us that the final device will be much more sleek and will fitt better.
I can’t wait to get this into my hands for a full featured review :)
For now you can watch this little movie with some debugging details.
» iControlpad update.

May 28

Our favorite emulator creator ZodTTD released version 2.0 of his very popular Super nintendo emulator.

Overall this update brings big improvements to the speed and sound.

There’s not much to say, except that this app is another masterpiece from ZodTTd :)

I will post some update screens, but i advice you to check out my old post if you need to find roms + a more comprehensive how to.
» snes4iphone 2.0

May 24

ZodTTD, the creator of all those super emulators announced that CraigX (one of the creators of the Pandora Project) has been working on a joystick (control-pad) to play those loved emulator games.
I’m personally a big fan of all of ZodTTD’s work, but playing a action game with the on-screen controls is not what i call enjoyable.

According to the developer the mod attaches to the dock and wraps itself nicely around the iPhone, giving it a psp kinda look, another bonus feature of the mod is the fact that it serves as a protective case as well.
» Joystick mod for your iPhone and iPod touch (iControlPad)

May 05

I just picked up some news wondering the net.
I wasn’t aware untill today that there was a Mame project being worked on, but there is.

Let me first inform you what Mame is.

MAME is an emulator application designed to recreate the hardware of arcade gaming systems in software, with the intent of preserving gaming history and preventing vintage games from being lost or forgotten. The name is an acronym for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. <-sniplet from Wikipedia
» Mame Games on iPhone?

Apr 23

Gameboy4iPhone has been released to the general public. Yesterday i wrote about version 1.5.0 being released via Cydia.
Today ZODTTD has released yet another update version 1.7.0 to the general public via our Installer.

I must say, i’ve played gameboy4iphone for quite some time now, and it simply rocks !!
The graphics are perfect, no lagging at all, even the sound is now almost perfect !!
» Play gameboy games on your iPhone/iPod Touch with Gameboy4iPhone v1.7.0

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