Apr 14


NDS4iOS, a Nintendo DS emulator for iOS is available through an over-the air download. The emulator works on jailbroken and non-jailbroken iOS devices and is compatible with iOS devices running iOS 5.1.1 and above. NDS4iOS allows users to play Nintendo DS ROMs directly on their iPads and iPhones, although just like the first version of the popular GBA4iOS Game Boy emulator, NDS4iOS requires a device’s date to be set back to a prior date, specifically February 8, 2014. » NDS4iOS Nintendo DS Emulator Now Available For iPhone and iPad

Sep 20

Newton is a the first “PDA” handheld created by Apple. Apple started developing the Newton PDA back in 1987 and ended on February 27, 1998. It wasn’t that big of a success as the iPhone, but for the people that like the old school handheld feeling, you can get the Newton OS for the iPhone using the Einstein MessagePad emulator. Get the project code here. » Newton OS Running On The iPhone

Dec 22

supermario64The first Nintendo 64 emulator, ‘N64iphone’, is now available in the Cydia Store. The first version (o.6.1) is pretty complete. It doesn’t support save states and landscape mode, but the emulator can be controlled with the touchscreen and the accelerometer as well as the Nintendo Wii Controller via Bluetooth.

» “N64iphone”: First Version Nintendo 64 Emulator Now Available [Jailbreak]

Feb 21

minivmac3For all the people who like to run some old MacOS apps on their iPhone a new emulator called Mini vMac has been released into Cydia. Mini vMac has the option to load disk images and just about everything else retro for MacOS.
» Cydia – Mini vMac

Sep 29

ZodTTD is slowly releasing all his game emulators into Cydia. Today i found Mame4iPhone. Mame4iPhone is the emulator that will allow you to play most old arcade games you may remember from the arcade hall. So here is what mame4iphone v0.5.0 consists of:
» Mame4iPhone (play classic arcade titles on your iPhone) – Cydia

Sep 26

In the beginning days of iPhoneFreakz we followed the jailbreak scene really up close and personal. One of the top developer in the pre firmware 2.0 era was ZodTTD. He is the creator of about every emulator that is available for the iPhone and iPod touch. Today i’m happy to announce that Psx4iPhone (the playstation 1 emulator) has been released into cydia.
» Cydia – Psx4iPhone 0.7.0 firmware 2.x compatible

May 31

I found a update of GpsPhone in my installer today. For the people who haven’t read about gpsPhone before, it’s a very advanced Gameboy advanced emulator from ZodTTD. The emulator has been upgraded to version 2.0.0 and it’s working great! The sound almost works flawless, the fps gameplay is excellent. The save function works well and the cheat functions also appears to be working!
» GpsPhone 2.0.0

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