Jan 14

It is almost the end of the review week and on day 6 I will review the Emergency Solar Charger which i received from BudgetGadgets, the Emergency Solar Charger can be used on all iPod/iPhone models. This little handy gadget can be used as a simple keychain and is available in white, black and green andonly cost $5,78. Read the full review after the break. » Review Week Day 6: Emergency Solar Charger From BudgetGadgets [review]

Nov 03

emergency-chargerThis Emergency Power Charger of only 29g, has a dimension  of 75 x 32 x 17 mm and can be used for the iPod Nano, Video, iPod Touch and ofcourse the iPhone.
It is a very simple concept, you can charge you iPod or iPhone using 2 AA batteries when you don’t have access to a power socket. Because it only uses 2 AA batteries it is made as a emergency charger, otherwise you need a lot of batteries to keep charging your iPhone.

» Emergency Charger For iPod&iPhone

Oct 14

Solar_PortableThis is a 100% Solar Energy Emergency Recharger, it charges your mobile devices anytime and anywhere! With solar energy absorbing panel, it protects the environment with clean and effective solar energy power. You can buy this gadget on dsstyles.com.

» Solar Portable Power Station