Oct 27

Coincidence or not? On the same day that Google Earth releases their google earth application in the App Store, Earthscape decides to give people their application for free. Earthscape used to have a pricetag of €3,99/$4,99 but is now available for free!
» App Store – Earthscape now free!

Sep 18

Earthscape, the popular iPhone-application that displays a Google Earth-like world on to your iPhone, is available for free for a short time. The normal price for this app is 4,99$ or €3,99! Earthscape shows you a spinning world on which you can pan and zoom onto some locations. The application has support for GPS coordinates and can show you locations with Wikipedia links and Flickr-photos. Hit the read more link for a vid + download link.
» App Store – Earthscape now for free!

May 26

Earthscape is a new virtual globe application that puts you on the map. With social layers, incredible imagery and custom applications, Earthscape offers the world’s richest geographic browsing experience.
Earthscape will be released when the AppStore will laucnh later this month.

The app is a port of Google Earth and will give you the possibility of zooming, rotating and gives you a full 3D simulation of our beautifull blue planet.

There’s not much information available except for this video.
» Eartscape the social google earth browser for the iPhone