Dec 18

IMG_0027-300x200EA launched a new game in the App Store, called “Need for Speed Shift”. The game comes with 20 real licensed cars that can have both their visuals and performance upgraded.

» EA Launched “Need For Speed Shift” In The App Store

Dec 18

Spore-Creatures_-iPhone-2-300x200TouchArcade had their hands on a version of the sequel to Spore Origins. The sequel is called Spore Creatures and obviously focuses on levels on land. This game takes place on land and you will need to evolve to move rocks or otherwise interact with the environment, socialize with other creatures, and fight bosses among other things. Along the way your creature will evolve getting new body parts which can be added to your infinitely customizable creature. » Hands-On Preview Of ‘Spore Creatures’

Dec 14

BattleshipEA Games launched the game Battleship. The original version is a board game where you try to destroy the fleet of your opponent by guessing the places of the ships on the battlefield by saying a letter and a number. In the iPhone version of Battleship you can do the same thing. You can play against the ‘computer’ but also against a friend in two-player Wi-Fi and Bluetooth mode.

» EA’s ‘Battleship’ Is Out!

Dec 13

shiftTouchArcade had some time with EA’s upcoming game Need for Speed Shift. The game offers a lot of cars and seems to offer a greater experience then Need for Speed Undercover. » Hands On Video: EA’s ‘Need For Speed Shift’

Dec 03

ea-games-logoEA has announced that they will bring the iPhone version of the PC game ‘Mirror’s Edge’ to the App Store soon. It’s a shooter game that combines weapons with acrobatics and jumping over roof tops.

» EA Will Release ‘Mirror’s Edge’ For The iPhone

Nov 02

s_logoallied_logoMonths ago, the first details showed up about EA developing Red Alert for the iPhone. Today the game finally made it to the App Store after the release date was changed from October 23rd to unknown. I bought it and played it a little bit to get some impressions and I must say the game is awesome.

» Red Alert Finally In The App Store: First Impressions

Nov 02

iphone_rb4Robots are getting smarter every day. What a wonderful time we live in. Robots these days are so smart, they can even play a game on the iPhone. Yes, that’s right, the robot in the video below shows it can play EA’s Rock Band. » Robot Plays Rock Band On iPhone

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