Aug 30

Steve Jobs Whiteboard Portrait 1
The team at Ubermind, created an impressive whiteboard drawing of Steve Jobs. According to them, Ubermind would not be here today if it wasnt for Steve and Apple. After the break you can see an other picture and video of how they made this amazing drawing to thank Steve Jobs for all his work. » Whiteboard Drawing of Steve Jobs [Video]

Aug 15

Just Mobile AluPen is a chunky pencil-shaped stylus that gives you precise control over your iPad/ iPad 2, iPhone and iPod touch. Sculpted from aluminum, with a soft rubber nib, the AluPen makes drawing and writing a uniquely smooth experience. Which is why it is the essential accessory for creative tableteers. » The AluPen & AluCube For Drawing On The iPad Or iPhone

Jun 06

Sketch for iPad is probably one of the best drawing App for the iPad. Sketch for iPad is very simple of use, you can save your sketches as a PDF file, email them or even save them in iBooks. You can edit, delete or rename your sketches. You can download Sketch for the iPad in the App Store for $1,99. » Sketch: New Drawing App For The iPad

Nov 02

oStyles is a styles with a new design that allows you to see lines and colours as they are being drawn. It is designed by a jeweler for drawing and sketching on the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and other touchscreen (capacitive) devices. It is available for $37.50 and you can get one via the official website. More after the break. » oStylus: Lets You See What You Are Drawing

Jul 12

oStylus is a new stylus for touchscreens like the iPad, specifically designed for drawing and sketching. Normally your view is blocked by your finger, but the oStylus is designed so you can see lines and colours as they are being drawn thanks to a hole in the middle. The oStylus isn’t available yet but is coming soon. Movie after the break. » See What You Are Drawing With The oStylus

Oct 31

LC announces the release of ZeusDraw Mobile, a versatile drawing and painting program for the iPhone/iPod Touch. ZeusDraw Mobile is a professional drawing program for the iPhone/iPod Touch. It works for anything from doodling on a photo to serious drawing.
» App Store – ZeusDraw Mobile

Oct 07

LateNiteSoft has just released version 1.4 of Sketches, its popular drawing app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Together with version 1.3, released two weeks ago, the updates provide significant improvements over the original 1.0 version » App Store – Sketches 1.4

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