Jan 17

iVictrolaThere are a lot of weird, funny and strange accessories for the iPhone. They range from cheap to very expensive and from good quality to bad quality. But the iVictrola is one of the weirdest accessories I’ve ever seen. » iVictrola: One Of The Weirdest Gadgets Ever

Sep 16

A concept picture of the new Hybrid car from Lexus has been found on the Internet. Before you think you might be on the wrong website, it has something to do with the iPhone.

» Lexus Wants iPhone Docks For Cars

Jul 15

a2dp-bluetooth-audio-receiverIn the past few years, lots and lots of iPhone- and iPode-docks were released on the market. They made it possible to listen to your mp3-player music on the stereo. The A2DP Bluetooth Audio Receiver seems to be a more affordable solution. » Bluetooth Receiver Cheaper Than iPhone-dock

Oct 27

LockDockBar is a mod available in Cydia. What it does is puts a dock just above the main slide on the lockscreen and it has four icons in the dock. The four icons are: Phone, Mail, SMS and Calendar. All you do is tap one and it opens that app. Screenshots inside.

» Cydia – LockDockBar

Aug 30

A new package available via Cydia enables you to get a five-icon dock just by itself without using Kate or something else. It’s called “Five Icon Dock” and it’s developed by Jay Freeman, otherwise known as Saurik, the developer of Cydia. It works very well with no bugs or compatibility issues so far. » Get a five-icon dock without Kate

Aug 20

Most of us remember Nate True’s “Dock” application. It added a small sunspot on the bottom right corner of the screen, and when tapped and slid towards the center, would open a list of applications that could be opened. Well, the same application has been ported to 2.0; however, it’s been totally redesigned. More info and screenshots inside. » Nate True’s “Dock” ported to 2.0

Jul 10

A user on the MacRumors forums (cWeems) has posted photos of the iPhone 3G’s dock. Nothing very spectacular here. We see that the dock has received some curves to fit the iPhone 3G. What’s kind a intersting is the fact that the box from the iPhone 3G dock has been labeled as time sensitive.
» iPhone 3G dock pictures revealed.

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