Jan 22

classicdock iOS 6 iOS 7
Since iOS 7 almost everything about iOS has been changed, a lot of people like the new look of iOS, but a lot also prefer the old iOS 6 look. If you are one of those people that prefer iOS 6 over iOS 7 and you don’t like the blurred and translucent dock on iOS 7, ClassicDock is exactly what you’re looking for. ClassicDock brings back the reflective glass dock we know from iOS 6 into your iOS 7 device. Just install and you’re done. No options to configure. » Bring iOS 6 Reflective Glass Dock Back To iOS 7 [jailbreak]

Jan 08

At the CES 2013, Griffin announced a new PowerDock that can charge 5 tablets at one time, from a single power source. “PowerDock 5 gives each tablet its own charging port and its own clear backrest. Each charging bay is roomy enough to accommodate your iPad and its case, so you’ll never need to remove your iPad from its case to charge. An illuminated status light tells when PowerDock 5 is powered up and ready to charge.” This PowerDock only takes up about as much room on your countertop as a single iPad. » CES 2013: New Griffin PowerDock Can Charge Five Devices At Ones

Dec 16

A new kickstarter project has started and it is already the fastest kickstarter project ever. This kickstarter project is about the Elevation Dock. It is Simple to use, quick undocking, and it works with or without a case. It is beautifully precision machined from solid aluminum and it comes in a gorgeous set of surface finishes, setting a new bar for quality and something that looks really good on your desk. » The Elevation Dock: New Kickstarter Project

Aug 01

NewPCgadgets has announced the availability of the new Display Dock for the iPad 2. Consumers can now dock their iPad 2 and iPhone/iPod just like the professionals at the Apple Store. This is the first retail product to combine the iPad 2 and iPhone/iPod into one convenient and easy to use docking base. Perfect for home or business, the Display Dock meets the growing mobile needs of Apple users. » NewPCgadgets Releases New Version of Popular iPad 2 Dock

Jun 01

SlideAway allows you to access the apps you use the most without having to unlock the device. You can customize the two shortcuts on the left and on the right side of the bar and you can bring up the Slide Up Dock by actually sliding up the bar. You can adjust the brightness from the slider above the dock. You can choose between two dock styles: “Real Dock” will actually put a copy of your dock; “Custom Dock” will allow you to choose up to 5 different apps to put them in the dock. You can check the video after the break. » SlideAway: Access The Apps You Use The Most Without Having To Unlock The Device!

Dec 19

wood iPhone dock
Chris made a tree branch iPhone/iPod dock, which you can create yourself if you have the right tools. He also created a detailed How To, to learn you to create your own Wooden iPhone Dock. He decided to create this for us because the well known Enchanted Forest iPhone Dock from Anthropologie is almost $100 and almost no one will pay that amount for a wooden iPhone dock. » DIY Enchanted Woods iPhone Dock

Jul 20


An iPad stand doesn’t have to be complicated and ugly. Take the Griffin’s Loop iPad Stand, it’s a clean and simple stand for your iPad that will charge or sync your iPad while you use it in landscape or portrait mode. It’s a weighted dock with soft cushioned inserts to protect your iPad from scratches. More info and a video after the break. » Griffin’s Loop iPad Stand

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