Jul 25

From screen sizes to specific user interface tips, this infographic from Kinvey is your go-to-guide for designing iOS and Android apps. Check out the full cheat-sheet after the break. » iOS & Android Design Guidelines Cheat-Sheet [Infographic]

Dec 24

The Japanese blog Macotakara reports that a redesigned fifth-generation iPad could arrive in March 2013. “However Chinese news ZOL (CBS Interactive) reported next iPad mini in AppleInsider’s article, according to my inside source, iPad(5th) may be released in March, 2013. Source told that, design of this new iPad will be like iPad mini in detail, and be thinner and lightweight.” However March will be pretty fast since Apple has just released the iPad 4 only two months ago. » 5th Generation iPad To Be Thinner, Lighter and Arrive In March 2013?

Jul 26

With Apple and Samsung’s jury trial slated to kick off in a federal district court in San Jose, Calif this Monday, AllThingsD points us to trial briefs where Samsung’s lawyers argue Apple’s inspiration for the original iPhone CAD drawings and designs were inspired by a Sony product. After the break you can find an article referenced to a 2006 interview with Sony designers that appeared in Businessweek.

» Samsung Says Apple Stole iPhone Design From Sony

Jun 13

Apple products have amazing design, but Apple lead designer Jonathan Ive freely admits that he draws heavy insipiration from his idol Dieter Rams. Check out after the break to see some similarities between 1950s-1970s Braun and modern Apple products. » Industrial Design: Braun vs Apple

Nov 07

Photoshop for iPhone
Kevin Lynch, the boss of the Acrobat product group, said Adobe is working on a new version of Photoshop for the iDevice. They try to create a better integration between Photoshop and the iPad/iPhone. This will include more complex features such as cut/paste, changing backgrounds and who knows what Adobe has in store for us. » New Photoshop For iPhone With More Complex Features

Oct 04

Today TAT has announced that Fujitsu Japan “will reveal a ground breaking dual screen mobile phone user interface powered by TAT’s design and technology initiatives.” We don’t know which of TAT’s features will make the phone, but the dual screen will get “radically changes the user interaction and requires advanced design”. Is this the future? Is this 2014? Or are we getting to far ahead of ourselves? Well will have to wait until the test phone’s unveiling (hopefully tomorrow!) at the CEATEC 2010 exhibit in Tokyo. » TAT’s Interface Design In Fujitsu’s Dual-Screen Phone

Aug 15

iphone-4-gui photoshop
If you are planning to create a iPhone application or maybe a iPhone optimized website, you probably would like to see how it will look like before you create it. This free iPhone 4 GUI Photoshop file “20 MB” helps you create a professional app design without any programming skills. It includes all the icons and buttons you need and is in high resolution, specially for the iPhone 4. You can download this Photoshop file at teehanlax for free but they do except donations.

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