Jun 15

Microsoft has released a new iPad vs Windows 8 tablet ad, focusing on zoom, SD card slots and multitasking. See how the Dell XPS 10 with Windows RT stacks up against the iPad. In the “funny” commercial, Microsoft is using Siri’s voice to Poke Fun at the iPad. Check out the commercial after the break. » Microsoft Releases New iPad vs Windows 8 Tablet Ad Using Siri’s Voice

Jan 08

dell slate 3
A lot of tablet “slates” are shown at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. They all have multitouch and look the same. Till now HP, Dell, Compal, Archos, Pegatron and Freescale introduced a tablet, and none of them announced the release date or price. However the slate concept Dell introduced looks a lot like a big iPod Touch and could be interesting. » Dell Slate, A Big Ipod Touch? [CES]