Nov 18

dashboard-275Dashboard on the Mac means you have widgets. Those widgets can be a clock, a calendar, notes, the weather, a calculator and many more. It’s now also possible to have Dashboard on your iPhone. It’s called CrazyDashboard. The same kind of widgets can now run on your mobile phone. Keep in mind that ¬†you must have a jailbroken iPhone in order to install Dashboard. » Mac Dashboard For Your iPhone: CrazyDashboard [Jailbreak]

Nov 01

Extra Dashboard 1200x1200Dashboard on a Mac is a function that allows you to have widgets on your computer. Press F12 and the widgets show up. What if Dashboard becomes a feature on the iPhone? What would it look like? Ocean Observation created a Dashboard concept for the iPhone. » What Would Dashboard On The iPhone Look Like?

Feb 24

dashboardSteven Troughton is working on a new project again, this time it’s no longer stack but dashboard. I as
Dashboard is still in development but the demo looks promising. Dashboard is best to compare with the widgets of OsX and windows. Hit the break for the video.
» Cydia – Dashboard for iphone

Feb 16

trivialElectronic Arts announced that they will be releasing a iPhone version of Trivial Pursuit. gaan uitbrengen. The iPhone and iPod touch version of Trivial Pursuit will have 3 different play modes. Hit the break to read more:
» App Store – EA working on mobile Trivial Pursuit game