Sep 30

The developer Zotyo release his application statusnotifier into Cydia today. Statusnotifier is a iPhone status bar notifier that will show you iPhone mail, SMS, Call and voicemail notifications in your statusbar. The application is almost the same as taskbarnotifier except for the fact that statusnotifier does run on firmware 2.x.

» Statusnotifier (email, sms, call notifier in the tasbar)- Cydia

Sep 29

ZodTTD is slowly releasing all his game emulators into Cydia. Today i found Mame4iPhone. Mame4iPhone is the emulator that will allow you to play most old arcade games you may remember from the arcade hall. So here is what mame4iphone v0.5.0 consists of:
» Mame4iPhone (play classic arcade titles on your iPhone) – Cydia

Sep 28

SumblerPlus is a new application released in Cydia. StumblerPlus is a iPhone port of the popular stumbler application that can scan wireless networks. Stumblerplus is a very easy application to use. You just start it and press the scan button.
» StumblerPlus – Wifi scanner – Cydia

Sep 27

Yesterday i brought you the news of TouchCast, the cheap podcast streaming solution. Today i found MobileCast in Cydia. MobileCast is a wireless podcast client allowing you to discover, stream and download audio & video podcasts over the air straight to your iPhone and iPod Touch. So why is MobileCast better?
» MobileCast (download + stream podcasts) – Cydia

Sep 26

Dub Studios is another developer who’s application TouchCast got refused in the App Store. So what do developers do when their applications got refused in the App Store? They release them in Cydia. TouchCast is a application that will let you stream audio and video podcast straight from your iPhone.
» Cydia – TouchCast (Video and Audio podcast app)

Sep 24

Some of the iPhoneFreakz readers may remember the application Stack for the iPhone. Steven Troughton Smith, the developer of Stack, updated his blog with the news that Stack will soon be released in Cydia and it will be compatible with firmware 2.X.
» Cydia – Stack coming for firmware 2.+

Sep 23

Today i received a mail from Eric our friend who created iSlsk, and boy he does have some really awesome stuff for us. His latest project is called PwnPlayer and it will be a full replacement for the standard iPhone and iPod Touch music player. The reason why he created this player is cause firmware 2.X doesn’t allow him anymore to import the downloaded music tracks from iSlsk. Here’s the full story and a video:
» Exclusive- PwnPlayer (iPhone media player on steroids)

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