Feb 09

xgpsThere have been quite a lot of bug fixes and extra features to the latest version of xGPS. In our previous post we explained the possibilities of this nice navigation software for the iPhone 2G and as xGPS promised the function to plan a route is now available with the iPhone 3G’ s internal GPS.
» Cydia – xGPS 1.2 (bug fixes + voice guidance)

Feb 04

bitesms-deviceBiteSMS 3.0 has been released on beta on the official Cydia repository of BiteSMS. BiteSMS 3.0 is slowly becoming the de-facto replacement SMS stock application on your iPhone. It has a ton of features like, landscape SMS, Emoticons, links (http) recognition and so on. To top that all if you like to send cheap sms’es you can buy bunndle packs from the BiteSMS website for low rates. However, there’s a small thing that has been changed since the new release. The SMS application will no longer be free to use. Starting from 24 february 2009 you will have to pay a small fee to keep using it after your trial period has ended (20-days).
» BiteSMS 3.0 beta released. A ton of new functions! + no longer free!

Jan 23

ss5Adv Lock is a app from Cydia that basically locks Chosen apps from being open with out a password. This is good for when you have siblings or children that like to play with your iPhone or iPod Touch, and you don’t want them getting into your Hacked apps, imagine what can happen if they messed around with Cydia. Also you can pass code lock your SIM for security if anything was taken. (Don’t ask about the Sim lock, i don’t know Much about it) I really use this app with my Cydia, sometimes i accidentally click on it, and it takes a while to load, just to click out of it! LOL. More Pictures inside!!! » Cydia – mAdvLock

Dec 31

I have just opened Cydia and found an update to it. So the next time you open Cydia and the sources refresh you will get a pop up telling you an important update is available. More inside!

» Cydia 1.0.2684-40 Update

Dec 08

Well, by looking at the picture you can tell this is a review on a wallpaper app. This isn’t any wallpaper app, it’s special! What it does, is it shows what time of day it is. The background shows 8PM, so its evening. It goes through 8 stages every 3 hours to make up a 24 hour day. The wallpapers are amazing and the graphics are extraordinary. This is one app you will love. Instructions inside! (Note: You will need Winterboard.) » Cydia – Illuminated

Dec 04

FontSwap is a Cydia app that basically takes your iPhone’s/iPod Touch’s Default Font and replaces it with a Font of your choice. The one you see in the picture is called NeoTech. Now the only thing i don’t like about this app is that you can’t preview your font before you chose it, you have to install it, then re-spring ,and then you can see it. Overall i think this is worth getting :) To see how to get it read more inside. Photo inside too.
» Cydia – FontSwap

Nov 26

As most of you know this feature is already available in the latest iPhone firmware 2.2 but since yesterday also for the iPod Touch. Street View Enabler is only for iPod Touch running FW 2.2 and available in the catergory ““Utilities”” of Cydia through the BigBoss repo.
» Cydia – Street View Enabler (For iPod Touch)

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